Concentra Colleague Spotlight: Jennifer Woodard

Haley Bass

Concentra’s values – a healing focus, a selfless heart, a tireless resolve – are the core of our commitment to improving the patient experience. We’re celebrating The Concentra Difference by putting the spotlight on a colleague who lives out these values every day.

Jennifer Woodard is a Patient Service Specialist and Preceptor for the Executive Park clinic in Kansas City, Missouri. After obtaining her EMT license in 2006 and working on an ambulance for a few years, Jennifer took on some additional jobs with Concentra starting in 2011. She first joined Concentra in Corpus Christi, Texas as part of the “At Works” program, which consists of going on site to client workplaces to provide immunizations, drug screens, and TB tests.

In her spare time, Jennifer started filling in at the Concentra clinic in Corpus Christi, where she learned quickly and became the Back-Office Team Lead in 2012. In 2014, she moved to Missouri and eventually took on her current job at the Kansas City clinic.

Jennifer goes above and beyond her expected responsibilities. She handles a lot of administrative tasks for her center and often meets with clients to ensure their accounts are set up correctly. Jennifer also has a passion for education, so she becomes a “super user” of all new technology platforms, quickly mastering them so she can train others at her center as well as the other five centers in the area. Jennifer works closely with her colleagues, making sure that they fully understand and feel comfortable with the technology. She’ll even take it upon herself to find resources outside of the area to get more in-depth knowledge to share.

Jennifer’s passion for education extends past her job. Her son has severe peanut allergies, so she’s become an advocate for educating others on severe allergies and has even received a state proclamation for her efforts. Jennifer and her son teamed up with the local community college and the doctor who treated two of her son’s anaphylactic reactions to make a video on how to use an EPI-Pen.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys crafting (she makes all her clinic colleagues a homemade Christmas present) and is very involved in her sons’ school functions.

Jennifer Woodard is the epitome of living out The Concentra Difference. Her healing focus, selfless heart, and tireless resolve for her work, her colleagues, and her family not only make her a great clinician, but an incredible person. We’re honored to have her as a colleague.