Concentra Colleague Spotlight: Evelyn Smith

Haley Bass

Concentra’s values – a healing focus, a selfless heart, a tireless resolve – are the core of our commitment to improving the patient experience. We’re celebrating The Concentra Difference by putting the spotlight on a colleague who lives out these values every day.

Evelyn Smith is a Radiological Technician for a Concentra clinic in Grandview, Missouri. She has 20 years of experience in healthcare, providing invaluable knowledge for her colleagues. Evelyn is vital in her clinic’s day-to-day back office operations, and her fluency in sign language has come in handy.

Evelyn always goes the extra mile with her work, and is fully committed to giving each patient a positive experience. This can be seen in a recent interaction with a Kansas City police officer. Even though the clinic doesn’t open until 8 a.m., Evelyn arrived at the clinic about an hour early and saw an officer waiting to get his drug screen. He was hoping to get the test done earlier so he could get his children to school on time, so Evelyn happily accommodated. She is very focused on patient satisfaction.

Evelyn is married with a daughter, step-daughter, step-son, and 12 grandchildren. She enjoys many hobbies, including gardening, crafts, caring for her animals, and being active in her church. Evelyn is also quite a baker, which her colleagues have personally enjoyed as she bakes each one a homemade birthday cake every year.

Evelyn Smith’s joy and passion for helping people is evident in the work she does every day. We’re thankful for the way she represents The Concentra Difference for every patient and colleague that has the privilege of interacting with her. Keep it up Evelyn!