3 Benefits of an Onsite Health Center for Your Business

By Haley Bass | 03/19/2018

There’s a lot of pain and frustration when an employee gets injured at work, on both sides. Between ensuring that an injured worker gets medical attention, filing the workers’ compensation claim, and managing the repercussions of the accident, a split-second mistake can turn into a months-long nightmare.

To help curb the rising costs of health care and the lost productivity tied to work injuries, many employers are implementing onsite health centers. The ability to avoid travel time and endless waiting makes a big difference when seeking medical care. It also means that an employee can stay engaged in their work, and limit the impact to their routine.

With an onsite, your company can see three immediate and lasting benefits that often outweigh the costs of implementing an onsite center.

Reduced Health Care Costs

With quality health care available at the workplace, injured and sick employees can get immediate medical care for non-emergency conditions, for a fraction of the price of an emergency room. A Johns Hopkins University analysis found that onsite clinics are two-to-three times more cost-effective than off-site health care services. In a survey by the National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC), 64% of companies with onsites reported significant cost savings.

Onsite health centers can also cut injury care costs by preventing injuries from occurring in the first place. Onsite clinicians and therapists are familiar with your workplace and can help identify and remove occupational health and safety risks. This can include non-ergonomic workstations that cause back and neck problems, some of the leading work-related injuries.

Increased Productivity

Even if an employee’s medical visit only lasts 15 minutes, that’s a small fraction of the time it takes to travel to a health care provider and wait. The American Medical Association found that leaving work for a doctor’s appointment can take about four hours out of an employee’s day. Walking a few steps to an onsite health center with a wait time of five minutes or less removes half a day of lost productivity.

Companies with onsite clinics have seen a huge improvement in productivity. In the NAWHC survey, more than 95% of employers reported increased productivity from their onsite. Employers from the same survey claimed that time lost to medical appointments was reduced by 70%.

Improved Employee Engagement/Satisfaction

Convenience plays a big factor in whether people use a service. The convenience of an onsite clinic creates a turning point for employee engagement, helping to increase utilization of wellness programs and improve medical compliance. 75% of employers from NAWHC’s survey reported increased engagement with health programs, and about 95% saw increased satisfaction for the company as a whole.

Having an onsite health center can also help companies attract and retain employees. Glassdoor research revealed that 80% of job candidates would choose additional benefits over a pay raise, with health care listed as a top priority. An onsite clinic shows employees that the company cares about their well-being, increasing satisfaction and tenure with the organization.

Whether you’re looking to reduce health care costs, improve employee health and productivity, or all the above, an onsite health center may be the best solution for your workforce. You can learn more about Concentra’s onsite offering on our website.