Watch How Telemedicine Makes Injury Care Quick and Easy

As employers look for better ways to manage work-related injuries and illnesses and better control the related spending, the term “telemedicine” continues to be tossed around as an option. This concept is not new, but technology has made today’s version of telemedicine a viable option. But just how effective is telemedicine at treating work injuries, and can a doctor actually treat a patient in a virtual environment? The answers to these questions are very effective and yes.

Watch a video produced by the Texas Department of Insurance that features Concentra Telemed® physician Ryan Harris, MD, as he treats an injured employee using our intuitive telemedicine app. Concentra Telemed is a telemedicine platform designed for the treatment of employees with minor work-related injuries. It enables employers to provide injury care when and where their employees need it, saving time and helping to reduce the costs associated with providing that care.

Care access is a barrier that often limits patient care and recovery. Because telemedicine can be accessed using a mobile device or computer with a webcam and internet connection, access is less of a problem. Having easy access to care also means a company’s work productivity doesn’t take a big hit. The latest statistics from the National Safety Council reveal that wage and productivity losses related to work injuries total roughly $50.7B. Utilizing a telemedicine option like Concentra Telemed can help relieve the financial burden resulting from lost productivity by offering a care option that is easily accessible from work, home, or anywhere else.

“The primary goal of workers’ compensation is getting injured employees back on the job as quickly as possible,” said Ann Schnure, Concentra vice president of telemedicine operations. “By making care more convenient for injured employees, telemedicine ultimately means employees spend less time away from work, which positively impacts productivity.”

Concentra Telemed also offers a physical therapy option called Concentra Telerehab®. Whether on restricted duty or medical leave, injured employees can maintain return-to-work (RTW) plan compliance and keep their recovery on schedule by undergoing any necessary rehab from work or home. Employees can receive therapy without scheduling time off or making travel arrangements. Concentra Telemed and Concentra Telerehab are currently available in nearly 40 states.

As innovation continues to play a huge role in the evolution of patient care, telemedicine will continually evolve and cross into the workers’ compensation ecosystem. For more information on integrating Concentra Telemed into your workplace injury care program, contact a telemedicine expert.