Onsite Employee Health Services fit Every Need and Budget

Michelle Hopkins

No Better Time for Employee Health Services

Today’s employers are able to provide customized employee health services in an onsite setting to strategically improve health and safety performance. Employee health services include exams, health programs, screenings, testing, and health improvement/prevention counseling. 

Employee health services help employers address two goals of occupational health:

  • Supporting optimal workforce health to manage health care and workers’ compensation costs and promote productivity
  • Measuring and managing the effects of work on the health of employees

How Employee Health Services Began

Over the last 30 years and quickening a decade ago, employee health services has emerged as a global industry – closely tied to the Wellness Movement – with one-third of all employers investing in wellness programs and more than half participating in health promotion strategies.1

It may surprise you to know that although the first use of the term “wellness” in modern times was in the 1950s, the concept of preventing illness by promoting good health has roots in ancient Chinese and Greek societies.

As medical knowledge grew over the ages, a specialized discipline called occupational health was born, giving new understanding on how health and work are dynamically interrelated. Using a disciplined, diversified approach to occupational health enables employers to have more influence on workforce health. As a national leader in occupational health, Concentra® has developed employee health services customizable for every company’s needs.

Who You Select for Employee Health Services Matters

Occupational health practitioners are uniquely positioned between community health care and/or emergency care professionals on one hand and employers on the other. Only occupational health experts can offer extensive understanding of how work and specific job functions affect health. Day in and day out, occupational health clinicians measure and manage the effects of work on the health of the workforce and individual employees. They also implement strategies to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, which leads to better workforce health while saving employers valuable resources.

Concentra has developed an extensive portfolio of employee health services:

Employee Health Services to Measure and Manage the Effects of Work on the Individual and the Workforce


Employee Health Services to Promote Workforce Health for Optimal Productivity and Business Performance

  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Health/nutrition education
  • Biometrics/Diagnostic screenings
  • Flu shots and education
  • Athletic training
  • Health coaching
  • Injury prevention education

Find Your Place on the Employee Health Services Continuum

Concentra can customize onsite health care solutions for employers of every size. Our solutions scale with your business growth. The scenarios below illustrate some possibilities.

  1. Company A is a small business with fewer than 500 employees and limited resources. This employer wants to provide basic injury and illness assessment, prevention education, drug and alcohol screenings, first aid, and care for non-work-related injuries and illnesses. Concentra can do it. The client can contact our local Concentra Urgent Care clinic and customize clinical testing to the workforce needs. Our physical therapist can also provide injury prevention education, ergonomic analyses of various jobs, and create job-specific Human Performance Evaluations, if needed.
  2. Company B is larger and resources are a bit more flexible. Moving further along the continuum, this employer decides that having onsite clinical staff may be the answer. Concentra can create an onsite occupational clinic that provides a range of clinical testing, case management, health counseling, biometric screenings, and vaccinations. Either a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner and medical assistant may be selected to provide the services at the company onsite center.
  3. Company C is a very large company with complex needs. This employer selects a full medical team (clinician, registered nurse, athletic trainer or physical therapist, and medical assistant) to provide all of the services already described plus urgent care, primary care, prescriptions/dispensary, and health coaching services.

Your workforce is one of your biggest investments. Employee health services from Concentra can help you achieve a healthy and productive workforce for years to come.  Let us know where you are on the continuum and the needs we can help you address.



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