Leadership Spotlight Greg Gilbert Senior VP and Chief Reimbursement and Government Relations Officer

Gregory (Greg) Gilbert is the Senior Vice President and Chief Reimbursement and Government Relations Officer at Concentra.

The first thing that you need to know about Greg is that he loves an underdog. In fact, if you were to ask Greg what fictional character he’d want to be, he’d say Luke Skywalker—the Tatooine farmer turned rebel hero. Maybe that’s why he gravitated to Concentra, an organization that helps injured people regain their health and return to work.

Greg’s own “origin story” sheds even more light on the person he is today—what he values, how he approaches his work, and why he ended up at Concentra, so before we continue, let’s hit rewind.

One of Greg’s first jobs was working at a Sizzler Steakhouse as a busboy. For the uninitiated, a busboy’s job involves doing a little bit of everything (hence the original title “omnibus boy,” with the prefix “omni” meaning all). They clear and set tables, run food, and generally perform tasks as needed to make service run as smoothly as possible. After working the front lines of many busy nights, he noticed something. No matter your job title, from busboy to manager, when things got hectic, it was all hands on deck.

It was in this role that he first got to see what effective management looked like. His manager wasn’t the type to lead from behind a desk, giving orders but not getting involved. When the chefs and busboys were in the weeds, the manager was always the one clearing the way forward.

That experience showed him that being a leader involved more than pointing others in the right direction. It was about modeling the behavior you want to see from everyone else. Now, he defines his success by his ability to help others who work for the company grow in their own roles.

Greg has brought this mentality to his work at Concentra since day 1. In 1994, after nearly a decade of experience in the healthcare industry (and a quick professional detour as a DJ in college), Greg brought his passion for helping others—both colleagues and customers—to our team.

Maybe it was those early years in the service industry that showed Greg the importance of putting customers first. In the restaurant industry, it isn’t just about cleaning tables and running food to customers, it’s about providing a great experience. To Greg, great customer service means going that extra mile. He loves hearing stories of colleagues who not only do what’s asked of them but also take the time to understand their patients’ needs—like offering a ride home when the patient has no transportation or buying lunch for a patient when a visit goes longer than usual.

It should come as no surprise that Greg’s personal motto is “treat others as you would want to be treated,” with not only respect but also empathy and kindness. It should also be no surprise that his job involves a lot of communication and collaboration. If you shadowed Greg for a day at work, you’d probably be sitting in on a lot of conference calls and email exchanges. While emails and calls may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, Greg’s favorite thing about Concentra is his interactions with other people, and he credits his colleagues for their help in making work fun and keeping him engaged. While industry is always changing, he knows that he has a great group of colleagues who are just as excited as him to find the way forward.

When he’s not at work, you can find Greg golfing, playing tennis, spending time with his family, or maybe even catching a rerun of “A New Hope.”