Get More Efficient Pre placement Physicals Near You

Michelle Hopkins

Imagine pre-placement physicals that are easy to administer, consistent across all of your business locations, and manageable in a completely digital environment so you can dispense with paper forms. Concentra’s new electronic pre-placement physicals are delivering just that for many employers.

From patient history questionnaire through the exam, patient checkout, and reporting results, Concentra’s electronic pre-placement physicals (ePre-placement physicals) are paperless and can be managed centrally to better ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant regulations, state and federal laws.

No matter your size of business, pre-placement physicals provide valuable insight to help prevent injuries by assessing the ability of job applicants to perform job functions.

National Leader Rolls Out ePre-placement Physicals

Backed by 40 years of experience and currently serving 44 states, Concentra is a leading provider of occupational health services, including a wide range of physical exams. Committed to continually improving the customer experience, Concentra implemented electronic Department of Transportation (eDOT) physicals in 2017, a development that was immediately popular among employers. Concentra will perform nearly one million DOT physicals this year, and nearly all are done electronically.

In 2019, Concentra transitioned its pre-placement physicals to a digital platform to improve the customer experience – no more hunting for paper forms or scrambling to find exam results to make an important team placement.

Concentra’s ePre-placement physicals involve only three steps:

  1. The employer authorizes an ePre-placement physical through Concentra’s Employer Portal.
  2. The employee uses a link sent via mobile phone or email to complete his or her health history electronically before arriving at the clinic.
  3. Physical exam results are electronically captured and reported to the employer, through Concentra’s Employer Portal. The exam result is also provided to the employee at checkout. 

Employers who use a third-party administrator (TPA) to manage physical exams should not see any change in how their exams are processed.

Concentra clinicians perform about 558,000 pre-placement physicals annually.

Benefits of Managing Pre-placement Physicals Electronically

A paperless environment provides employers greater efficiency, along with these benefits:

  • Better and easier organization of all your pre-placement physicals
  • More assurance of documentation free of errors and consistent over all exams
  • Enhanced security and compliance that you can’t get with paper
  • Faster results so placement decisions aren’t delayed
  • Ability to see all pre-placement physical activity and high-level data on Concentra’s Employer Portal, a secure digital platform that can be accessed 24/7
  • Eco-friendly – reduce your company’s impact on the environment

Concentra Understands Your Needs

Employers who strive to stay compliant with the myriad of state and federal laws and regulations value working with an occupational health provider like Concentra, whose clinicians stay on top of the latest requirements. We ensure that your pre-placement physicals are administered in accordance with state and federal requirements.

For employers covered by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, a physical examination may only be required after a contingent offer of employment. All candidates in the job category must have a physical examination. Health history must be treated confidentially and kept separate from employment records. Further, exam results may not be used to discriminate again individuals covered by the ADA.

Concentra is an excellent choice for pre-placement physicals and all the rest when you seek to be compliant.

Where to Get an ePre-placement Physical

Concentra implemented its new electronic pre-placement physicals in a five-month national rollout from June to October 2019. Use our Location Finder to identify Concentra clinics near you.

Concentra can help you create or update your occupational health plan and select the right mix of services to meet your workforce needs:

  • Physical exams
  • Drug testing
  • Injury care
  • Urgent care
  • Physical therapy
  • Travel health and vaccinations

Concentra has more than 520 community-based medical centers and more than 130 onsite clinics nationwide