Can You Find Expertise in Occupational Medicine Near You?

Michelle Hopkins

Finding expertise in occupational medicine is not as easy as you might think. Residencies in occupational medicine can differ widely in the amount of patient care experience they provide. Fortunately, Concentra's extensive training further enhances the expertise of the exceptional clinicians we hire. We believe clinical expertise is one of your most valuable assets – and one of The 10 Essential Elements of an Occupational Medicine Program.

Concentra focuses on achieving quality patient outcomes while delivering lower costs per case through our knowledge of how to successfully manage the return-to-work process.

Concentra clinicians distinguish themselves through Concentra’s standard practices in:

  • Partnering with employers and payors
  • Communicating candidly with all stakeholders (employer, payor, and injured employee) throughout the process
  • Understanding how to manage a faster and more complete return to work. Concentra fosters relationships that keep patients engaged and participating in their recovery and shows them returning to work soon is better for them (and you).

Every clinician Concentra hires participates in our extensive orientation to learn behaviors to use in all interactions with employers, patients, and colleagues. We refer to this approach – proven successful over our 40 years of experience – as our Orange Book philosophy.

Clinicians learn about the full Concentra organization and all the resources available to them, including our Medical Expert Panels (MEPs). These are medical experts who work continuously to update clinical protocols to ensure quality care.

Clinicians are thoroughly trained on the complexities of workers’ compensation and their role in this vital ecosystem.

Perhaps most important, when clinicians onboard with us they learn Concentra’s five keys of a best-in-class occupational medicine program and how to deliver effectively on the promise Concentra makes the employers we serve, through:

  • Employer engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Clear communication
  • Quality medical outcomes
  • Workforce health (injury prevention and health protection)

Newly hired clinicians learn that every Concentra center conducts weekly Center Leadership Team huddles to address issues, performance, metrics, and operational matters, and they learn their role in this process to ensure ongoing delivery of quality care.

In addition, Concentra’s continuing education program for clinicians includes an eight-week training curriculum, more than 800 online courses, and a library of clinical materials for continuing medical education (CME) through Concentra Occupational Health Research Institute (COHRI). Concentra requires clinicians to complete 30 hours of CME per year. MEPs ensure they have access to the latest medical information.

Concentra sets a high standard for clinical performance, and we support out clinicians in achieving it, day in and day out. Sending your employees to a Concentra center is the single best way to ensure you’re getting outstanding clinical expertise.

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Clinical expertise is just one of ten attributes you should seek in a workplace health partner. Download our eBook to get the full overview of The 10 Essential Elements of an Occupational Medicine Program. This valuable resource also provides the most important questions you need to ask an occupational medicine provider before you formalize your relationship.