Whether you need a flu shot, school vaccinations, travel shots, or other inoculations, our vaccination program offers a variety of services that adhere to the best practices and guidelines issued by the CDC and other regulatory agencies. No appointment is necessary, although prior scheduling can often ensure that we have the proper vaccines on hand.

The benefits of our vaccination programs:

  • Availability: We stock a wide range of vaccinations (from booster shots to tetanus shots to school shots). Sometimes, other medical providers don’t keep certain vaccines on hand because of the cost and the special storage needs.
  • Quality of service: We administer vaccines according to the best practices established by both the CDC and the general medical field.
  • Convenience: With Concentra, you don’t have to visit your local public health office, which is often inconveniently located and has restrictive hours.
  • Travel shots: If you’re traveling, we can provide you with relevant vaccinations and travel information through our travel health program.

"Your caring attitude and impressive skills comforted me allowing me to relax, accept the help and to know that I was in good hands..."

— James, GA