Insurance Accepted

Accepting a wide range of health care plans

Concentra accepts most health care insurance plans serving the majority of Americans. We are continually being added as a provider to group health plans, so be sure to check back here often for the latest list of insurance we accept.

Note: Not all Concentra locations are contracted with all insurance plans listed. Additionally, all Concentra locations may not be a participating provider for a particular insurance plan’s product. Please call our toll-free Customer Care Line at 866-944-6046, Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 7:00 pm Central to see if your local Concentra Urgent Care clinic accepts your insurance plan/is a participating provider with your insurance plan product.

Last updated: 1/04/2017

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"When I visit Concentra, I have no worries [about] receiving bills by doctors not covered by my insurance."

— Brian, CA