We want your visit to a Concentra clinic to go smoothly. The information here can help ensure the time you spend at the clinic is both effective and efficient.

What to Bring with You

Please be sure to bring these documents and forms with you:
  • Photo identification - Adult patients and adults who accompany patients under age 18 must have photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID, employment badge, or student identification card.
  • Proof of guardianship - Adults who accompany patients under age 18 must provide proof of guardianship. Accompanying adults who are not parents or legal guardians must have a notarized statement signed by the parent or guardian that authorizes treatment.
  • Proof of insurance - If you plan to pay for a non-work-related injury or illness with insurance or if the patient is a minor, please bring proof of insurance.
  • Medical history information - Bring information about the patient’s past surgeries and medical conditions.
  • A list of the patient’s allergies.
  • A list of the patient’s current prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.
  • A list of questions, pen, and paper (optional) - If you like, bring a list of questions and a way to record their answers and other information to review later.
  • A book or other form of entertainment, especially for young children.
  • Any forms you have printed and filled out in advance. These forms are also available for you to fill out when you check in. (See “Checking In.”)
  • Any forms you need your clinician to fill out, such as school physical forms.

Checking In

When you check in, you will be greeted by our welcoming staff, who will help you register. They will:

  1. Give you two forms that you can fill out at the clinic (you can also download and fill them out before your visit):
  2. Ask you to present your ID card and insurance card and pay your deductible, co-pays, and/or co-insurance if you’re insured
  3. Collect a visit fee if you are not insured
  4. Assist you in paying any previous balance

Types of Payment

Payment in full is due at the time of your visit. We make paying for your visit easy for you by accepting several types of payment:

Your Experience with Your Clinician

Here’s what will happen when it’s time for your visit:

  • You’ll be escorted to an examination room.
  • Your clinician will review your registration forms and discuss your injury or illness with you.
  • After performing a physical examination, your clinician will discuss any required diagnostic testing such as x-rays, blood or urine tests, or an EKG.
  • After completing a review of your medical history, a physical examination, and any tests, the clinician will discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with you.
  • You will have an opportunity to ask questions and make notes.
  • You will receive instructions about how to follow your treatment plan and any necessary prescriptions, as well as an explanation of any additional fees if required.
  • A summary of your visit will be sent to your primary care physician if you have provided contact information for him or her.