Travel Health is not just about vaccinations

Are you preparing to travel overseas for humanitarian work or a study abroad program? Are you an international business traveler or traveling abroad to visit family and friends? Concentra provides travel health services for people traveling to a wide variety of destinations, supporting safe and healthy travel while away from home. Not sure if you need travel vaccines? View a map with countries and their associated vaccine-preventable diseases here.

Trust Concentra Travel Health

Many vaccine-preventable diseases, while rare or non-existent in the United States, are more common in many countries in the developing world. These diseases can disrupt a vacation, delay planned activities, or even worse, leave you hospitalized.

Our physicians and experienced clinicians are experts in the field of travel medicine and can help you take the proper steps to keep you healthy while traveling. During your office visit, Concentra travel health provides:

  • A comprehensive consultation inclusive of risk assessment and your specific traveler’s destination report
  • Required and recommended travel vaccinations based on your destination, potential risk, and medical history
  • Prescriptions for medications to prevent or self-treat common travel-related illnesses
  • Health and safety counseling tailored to your travel itinerary, personal medical history, and activities you have planned while abroad
  • The latest travel information, health risks, and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), to help decrease your chances of unexpected health problems that can disrupt your travel
Travel medicine services are not “one size fits all.” Each traveler is unique with different risk tolerances and budgets, so we’ll work with you to develop a plan geared toward your needs.

We recommend that you schedule your appointment four to six weeks prior to travel since many travel vaccines require multiple shots and take time to become fully effective. However, if leaving sooner, you can still benefit from seeing one of our travel health specialists.

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Travel Health

Concentra's Travel Health services can help ensure you have the necessary vaccinations and preventive medical supplies before traveling abroad.

Note: Flu shots, Sports physicals, and travel health services are available as a cash pay service. Cash, check, and credit cards are welcome.