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    The cost of workers’ compensation is often compared to an iceberg, with expected costs peeking above the surface, and hidden costs a giant, dangerous mass concealed beneath the waves. The metaphor seems dramatic, but dealing with these unexpected costs after an accident can produce some major financial damage, both in the short- and long-term.
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    Employee health is making headlines nationwide, and you want to get your workforce in on the action. There’s just one problem: you have no idea where to start. There are 8 simple things you can start doing right away that can make a major impact toward better employee health. 
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    Every 15 seconds, 153 workers have a work-related accident. The most vulnerable to an accident: new employees. To complete your new hire checklist, here is everything you need to know about new employees and workers’ compensation.
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    Knowing the ins and outs of workers’ compensation is essential for the safety and success of any small business. Before you get tangled in the web of lawsuits and lost productivity, get familiar with these five things you should know about workers’ compensation as a small business owner.

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    Eating out is easy, convenient, and can be a great way to socialize with friends. It’s also expensive, and often unhealthy. If you think you’re eating out too much and want to make a change, here are a few things to do to finally break the takeout habit. 

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    For most of the 20th century, the Zika virus was largely unknown. But the recent outbreak, rapid spread through several continents, and the virus’ potential links to infant microcephaly and temporary paralysis, has put the world is on high alert. Here’s a brief history of how the Zika virus has changed over time.

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    Your employees are your most valuable asset, and you want to protect them on the job. Understanding the importance of risk prevention—and how to identify and reduce job hazards—is essential to keeping your employees safe at work. 
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    Trucking is a huge industry in the United States—and one that a lot of us rely on to get the goods and services we need every day. In honor of National Driver Appreciation Week, here’s 5 things you didn’t know about trucking. 

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    What if you were allergic to healthy living? For some people, living a healthy life can be far more challenging than it is for others. Here are just a few of the things that are good for most people—but cause others to break out in hives.  

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    If you travel often for work, staying healthy on the road can present a lot of challenges. It’s not always easy or convenient, but your health is important—whether you’re on the road or off. 

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    According to a recent Forbes study, 95% of Americans consider job benefits and perks before deciding whether to take a new position or stay in their current one. Business leaders may want to review and consider adopting some (or all) of the top 20 unique employee benefits proven to boost morale and attract top talent.

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    For 5,000 years, hardcore yoga practitioners have been touting yoga's mental and physical powers. But did you know that it can be good for your job, too? The same practice that makes you stronger and more flexible can help you improve your job performance and make a difference in your workplace. 
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    Concentra announced today its latest expansion in occupational medicine with the acquisition of one of the two Industrial Health Care Center (IHCC) locations in greater Philadelphia. This acquisition further strengthens Concentra’s foothold in the Philadelphia market and increases the total number of Concentra locations in the state of Pennsylvania to 20.  
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    School can be a stressful time for kids, fraught with social and academic anxiety. Make this year different by developing healthy habits to reduce stress. We have 7 tips that should help parents and kids minimize back-to-school stresses, from organizing homework to building in downtime.  
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    Driving a CMV (commercial motor vehicle) can be physically demanding and stressful. This is especially true for interstate drivers, who may travel from one side of the country to the other in less than a week. 
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    Your employees are your most valuable resource—and also one of the biggest costs in your business. Here are a few tips to help small and medium businesses overcome staffing challenges and hire the best talent. 
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    As health and wellness continues to take over the consumer space, it’s begun to impact business as well. Just what makes wellness programs so attractive to employers? Here are 3 reasons businesses large and small are jumping on the wellness train. 
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    With health care prices and demand on the rise, employers are challenged to find innovative ways to provide cost-effective, quality care to their employees. As one solution, many companies are beginning to provide their employees with onsite health centers. 
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    As new illnesses are being discovered around the world, medical staff is rushing to contain potential outbreaks. Travel health experts educate employers about the necessity of good health habits and more importantly, vaccinations. However, travel illnesses tend to affect some industries more than others. 

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    In 2012, an estimated 5.1 million United States residents traveled overseas for business. For employers with employees who may travel internationally, it’s important to stay aware of the proper travel vaccinations to best protect their employees