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    Concentra, the nation’s leader in occupational medicine, announced today its latest expansion with the acquisition of Secure Medical Care in the greater D.C. area.
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    Our medical providers are specially trained to understand DOT rules and regulations and provide the guidance employers and employees need to navigate through the system. Here are a few things you should know about the DOT rules and regulations. 

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    The shorter days and darker skies that fill the winter months makes most people a little sleepier. But for some people it's a bigger issue - seasonal affective disorder. This article covers the causes, symptoms, and treatments of seasonal affective disorder. 
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    Right now, 20 million sleep-deprived people are manning some of our most important jobs in law enforcement, manufacturing, and transportation. Shift work poses a threat to the health and safety of workers, especially where their sleep is concerned. 
  • Employee workers comp injury
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    Despite all of the safe practices you put in place, an accident occurs and one of your employees gets injured. What do you do next? Here are some steps to ease the workers' compensation process.
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    New year, new rules. OSHA is continuing to keep your workforce healthy and safe, so they’ve made some new rules that are going into effect this year. We’ve summarized the top 3 OSHA changes to watch for in 2017.
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    To maintain driver safety, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has very strict guidelines on what a DOT physical must include. Check out this infographic to learn exactly what a DOT physical consists of:
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    Increasingly, employers are using pre-placement functional testing to ensure that potential new hires can tolerate the physical requirements of the job. Learn more about how to create an effective test that maintains compliance and saves you money.
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    Health promotion and health protection might sound similar, but while one encourages healthy behaviors, the other prevents health and safety dangers. This article will help you understand how these two groups work individually, and collaboratively, to impact your health. 
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    Although workers' compensation and occupational medicine have been used interchangeably to describe the workplace injury process, there is a difference between the two terms. While one will help you pay the medical bills, the other will get your injured employee back to work.
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    Between the medical expenses, lost productivity, and all that's required for workers' compensation, the costs from workplace accidents can really add up. Avoid the costs and the hassle of workplace injuries by following these tips.
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    Concentra announced today its latest expansion in occupational medicine with the opening of a new center in the greater Indianapolis area, located at 8257 Center Run Drive.
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    2017 is your year. Be part of the 8% of people who actually keep their New Year’s resolutions with these 4 simple steps.
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    Concentra announced today its latest expansion with the acquisition of Corporate Health Center (CHC) in Sterling, VA.  This acquisition further strengthens Concentra’s footprint in the greater Northern Virginia / Southern Maryland market.
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    Concentra continues its commitment to the occupational medicine industry with the launch of its new telemedicine offering through a partnership with American Well, the nation’s leading telehealth technology company.
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    A great safety program is the best way to reduce the risk of a work-related accident. But it can fall flat if you try to take shortcuts. Learn how to make your safety program successful, and how to avoid the pitfalls of poor choices.
  • drug-testing-myths-debunked-Newsroom
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    The best way to avoid a drug-related accident at work is through drug testing. But you may have some questions about the accuracy and reliability of a drug test, especially if you think employees will try to manipulate their results. We’ve debunked the top drug testing myths.
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    Millennials make up just over one-third of the American workforce—and more millennials are entering the workforce every day. To cope with the demographic transition in your workplace, you need to understand the top health concerns that are affecting millennials, and how they can potentially affect your business.
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    Are you traveling this holiday season? Avoid the germs and fatty foods in airports and planes by following these healthy tips.
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    Over the past decade, cell phone technology has increased personal internet usage with the side effects of digital addictions. If you can’t imagine life without a smartphone, you may need a digital detox.