• successes-pitfalls-of-employer-safety-programs-Newsroom
    12/09/2016 // Posted in
    A great safety program is the best way to reduce the risk of a work-related accident. But it can fall flat if you try to take shortcuts. Learn how to make your safety program successful, and how to avoid the pitfalls of poor choices.
  • drug-testing-myths-debunked-Newsroom
    12/08/2016 // Posted in
    The best way to avoid a drug-related accident at work is through drug testing. But you may have some questions about the accuracy and reliability of a drug test, especially if you think employees will try to manipulate their results. We’ve debunked the top drug testing myths.
  • top-health-concerns-for-millennials-Newsroom
    12/07/2016 // Posted in
    Millennials make up just over one-third of the American workforce—and more millennials are entering the workforce every day. To cope with the demographic transition in your workplace, you need to understand the top health concerns that are affecting millennials, and how they can potentially affect your business.
  • healthy-tips-to-survice-holiday-travel-Newsroom
    12/06/2016 // Posted in
    Are you traveling this holiday season? Avoid the germs and fatty foods in airports and planes by following these healthy tips.
  • do-you-need-digital-detox-Newsroom
    12/05/2016 // Posted in
    Over the past decade, cell phone technology has increased personal internet usage with the side effects of digital addictions. If you can’t imagine life without a smartphone, you may need a digital detox.
  • handwashing-awareness-week-Newsroom
    12/04/2016 // Posted in
    What is the best way to wash your hands? To celebrate Handwashing Awareness Week, we discuss the facts and myths to spread the word (not the germs) on proper handwashing.
  • 5-tips-to-prepare-retail-employees-Newsroom
    12/01/2016 // Posted in
    Beginning with Black Friday, the holiday shopping season can make or break a retail store and its employees. Employers must be prepared for the unexpected, including inventory, equipment, and hordes of shoppers.
  • how-to-reduce-employees-stress-Newsroom
    11/30/2016 // Posted in
    ‘tis the season… to be stressful. 61% of people report having holiday stress, and they carry that stress into the workplace—resulting in lower productivity. To keep stress low—and productivity high—during the season, try these tips.
  • keep-employees-wellness-on-track-Newsroom
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    There are plenty of excuses to put off health goals until January, but letting employee wellness slip through the holidays can harm the health and productivity of your workforce. Here are 10 tips to keep your employee wellness program on track this holiday season.
  • small-business-saturday-Newsroom
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    In the past few years, the day after Black Friday has become known as Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses through shopping. As an employer, there are many opportunities to support small businesses in your community all year long.
  • family-stress-around-holidays-Newsroom
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    The holidays are here, meaning family gatherings and high stress. But there are some simple ways to keep your cool when relatives start to get under your skin, or you just can’t find a gift for that hard-to-please relative.
  • 5-ways-to-prevent-truck-driver-depression-Newsroom
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    Truck drivers have a stressful job. Between isolation, extended time away from loved ones, and long hours on the road, long-haul truck drivers are vulnerable to depression. But implementing even one of these prevention strategies can reduce the risk and keep your drivers healthy.
  • healthier-ways-to-cook-thanksgiving-fav-Newsroom
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    You don’t have to sacrifice your Thanksgiving favorites to be healthy. Instead of replacing pie with apple slices and tossing the turkey for tofu, just modify your cooking methods to get a delicious meal without the guilt. Here are some simple, healthy ways to cook your Thanksgiving favorites:
  • blackfriday-injury-prevention-Newsroom
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    Black Friday: Known for great deals, large crowds, and injuries. After a trampling incident in 2008 caused an employee’s death, OSHA has taken measures to keep retail workers safe on Black Friday. Follow these guidelines to keep your workforce safe and healthy:
  • world-diabetes-day-Newsroom
    11/16/2016 // Posted in
    World Diabetes Day put “Eyes on Diabetes” – promoting the importance of early intervention for the disease that affects 415 million adults. Diabetes and other chronic diseases add significant health care costs, and they can be avoided through preventive measures like health screenings.
  • OSHA-drug-testing-rule-Newsroom
    11/11/2016 // Posted in
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released anti-retaliation provisions to its injury and illness tracking rule. Enforcement of the new provisions, which are intended to help employees feel safe when reporting a work-related injury or illness, was delayed to December 1 to give employers time to comply.
  • post-election-Newsroom
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    Post-election stress is real. No matter who you voted for—or who won—you’ll need some time to wind down from the tension of the past few months. Try these five ways to get the stress relief started.
  • what-is-patient-engagement-why-does-it-matter-Newsroom
    11/01/2016 // Posted in
    Patients are taking a more active role in their own health care, becoming more involved in decision making, helping to improve health care outcomes while lowering costs.
  • what-do-drug-tests-test-for-Newsroom
    10/31/2016 // Posted in
    Most companies require new hires to complete a pre-employment drug test, and several organizations hold regular or random drug testing with existing employees. But what do these drug tests actually test for?
  • health-benefits-no-shave-november-Newsroom
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    No-Shave November and Movember both started out as a time to celebrate the “manliness” of facial hair, then soon took on a greater purpose. But beyond the satisfaction of funding men’s health and cancer awareness, growing facial hair provides some great health benefits.