Concentra Physical Therapy (PT) includes physical therapy and occupational therapy services, and plays a major role in the company’s mission by providing a comprehensive, high touch approach to employee injuries, helping them get back to work and life, fast. Since its inception, Concentra PT has been at the forefront of manual therapy, mobility progression, and ongoing patient treatment.

Through our dynamic early intervention model, Concentra therapists apply prompt and timely treatment to help patients return to function sooner and reduce the risk of re-injury. The end result is a comprehensive therapy practice that saves employers’ and employees’ time and money.

Our physical therapy program treats:

  • Trauma-related injuries
  • Pain and functional limitations caused by medical or chronic injuries
  • Orthopedic and hand/upper-extremity injuries
  • Repetitive use and over-exertion injuries, including those affecting wrist, back, shoulder, knees, and ankles

Our physical therapists

Our dynamic physical therapy approach is skillfully implemented by our qualified physical and occupational therapists. Our people are one of our key strengths, with advantages including:

  • Education: Our therapists are among the most experienced and credentialed professionals in the therapy industry, with 75% holding advanced degrees.
  • Experience: Our therapists average 10 years of hands-on, practical therapy experience.
  • Credentials: They hold additional credentials such as the Orthopedic Certification Specialty.
  • Certification: Our therapists participate in an industry-leading, 2.5-year manual therapy certification program, sponsored nationally by Concentra.
  • Training: We actively encourage and support ongoing education and training opportunities for our therapists.
  • No technicians: Only licensed physical and occupational therapists provide skilled patient treatment.

Why use Concentra Physical Therapy

Concentra Physical Therapy knows you have multiple options to choose from for physical therapy. We also know that you look for service differentiators – what makes one provider unique from the next – to help you make your decision. Here are our differentiators:

  • PTs, not techs — At Concentra, employee-patients receive hands-on physical therapy and occupational therapy from experienced, credentialed physical therapists (PTs) and occupational therapists (OTs), not technicians. We believe this approach helps patients to understand the benefits of therapy, learn how to prevent re-injury, stay motivated to return to normal activity, and shorten recovery time.
  • Administrative support — Concentra's full-time administrative support staff handles scheduling, insurance, and other time-consuming tasks that can make it difficult to get to a physical therapy clinic promptly, focus on getting better, and following through on therapy treatments.
  • Home Recovery plan — Patients are able to practice our proven techniques at home because we do not use a "machine only" approach. Our PTs and OTs emphasize a practical, hands-on approach that teaches patients to perform therapy exercises at home, with regular "check-ins" with the PT or OT. This innovative approach minimizes office visits, saves you out-of-pocket costs, and still monitors their return to productivity.
  • MD/PT communication — Our therapists are committed to working closely with the referring Concentra physician. We'll schedule consultations between the therapist and doctor to focus on specific needs. This collegial approach has a proven impact on fast and effective outcomes.

PT Whitepaper Download

This whitepaper, written by Concentra's National Therapy Director, John Levene, appeared in the October 2012 issue of Orthopedic Practice.

Download "The Effects of Functional Pre-employment Testing on Work Injuries and Workers’ Compensation Costs".

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