Types of Clinical Models

Bringing tailored health care to the workplace

Concentra offers three health and wellness center clinical models to deliver appropriate-levels of health care services at the workplace. Each model supports varying degrees of urgent care, primary care, short and long-term chronic care and diverse lifestyle/wellness services. The following models also allow for coordinated care with other contracted offerings, which may include telephonic/virtual disease management and/or health coaching and case management:

Urgent Care Model: This Urgent Care model has the capabilities to expanded services to also include primary and chronic care services. Through coordination with an employee’s current primary care physician (PCP), the health and wellness center physician acts as an extension of his/her primary provider in a limited capacity.

Primary Care Model: The Primary Care model delivers comprehensive primary care services, including acute and longitudinal care, directly to employees through a health. This flexible and custom model can serve as a replacement for a primary care provider (PCP), and/or as an Urgent Care Model.

Integrated Primary Care Model: The Integrated Primary Care model is focused on delivering comprehensive urgent and primary care with a coordinated approach. It acts as the central point for employees to access treatment and support in managing their health, and manages all components of care coordination for holistic care management.

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