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Travel vaccines and travel services for employers

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Concentra travel health provides required and recommended travel vaccinations, medications to prevent or self-treat travel-related illnesses, and customized health and safety information whenever a business trip takes your employees to a foreign destination. Not sure if you need travel vaccines? View a map with countries and their associated vaccine-preventable diseases here.

As part of our comprehensive consultation, employees will receive individual travel recommendations to help keep them healthy and productive while traveling abroad and upon their return. Our Travel Health and Infectious Disease Medical Expert Panel will work with you to create a travel health program that meets your needs.

  • Convenient: we take appointments for travel health consultations and vaccinations at any travel clinic location
  • Personalized service: our travel health specialists review personal medical history and assess travel plans to provide customized advice and recommendations for healthy travel
  • Expertise: our experienced physicians and clinicians are experts in the field of travel medicine and have access to the most current travel information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO)

Your employees should call for an appointment with a Concentra travel health specialist four to six weeks prior to their departure date, since many travel vaccines require multiple shots and take time to become fully effective.

For more information about travel medicine services for your workforce, or to schedule a travel consultation, contact us at 888-711-2974.

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Note: Flu shots, Sports physicals, and travel health services are available as a cash pay service. Cash, check, and credit cards are welcome.