What is occupational health?

Occupational health is a field of healthcare comprised of multiple disciplines dedicated to the well-being and safety of employees in the workplace, with a strong focus on injury prevention and education. Some occupational health services include employee wellness, pre-placement services, ergonomics, occupational therapy, and occupational medicine.

Concentra is one of the nation's leaders in occupational health, with more than 35 years of experience treating employees and helping employers with workers' compensation. Concentra has over 400 occupational health clinics and on-sites nationwide and is used by 85% of the Fortune 500.

Concentra also has:

  • 500+ board-certified clinicians
  • An average of 2,000 health visits per day
  • 567,000 work-related injuries with over 93% closed cases

Concentra offers a broad range of occupational health services to support you in maintaining a healthy, safe workforce while reducing the overall cost of care for your company and your employees.

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