Concentra's employee wellness programs are custom made to match the goals and the needs of each workforce, through a combination of primary, preventive, occupational, and environmental health services. Our employee wellness programs seamlessly integrate population-based health promotion activities, health risk assessments, biometric screenings, worksite clinical care, wellness interventions, and occupational health services to optimize the health and performance of the workforce. Program elements can be customized to each employer's objectives with targeted features focused on employee health and wellness.

Our employee wellness programs focus on preventing illness and injury, promoting health and productivity, and lowering the total cost of health care. A successful employee wellness program benefits employers by developing and maintaining a healthier, more productive workforce and community. The most common elements of our employee wellness programs include:

The most common elements of our corporate wellness programs include:

  • Assessment: Timely health risk assessments and biometric screenings help us identify and analyze personal risk factors.
  • Education and coaching: Through health coaching and classes, we encourage your employees to change their health behaviors for the better, improving overall corporate wellness.
  • Interventions: Our health specialists can support health risk reduction through wellness interventions focused on common unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • Incentive programs: We recommend and help design employee incentives that spur participation and deliver employee savings.
  • Program consultation and review: We examine the aggregate risk burden and effectiveness of the workplace program and adjust specific elements to provide the greatest health impact and return on investment.
  • Standard and customized communication plans: Fundamental to a successful employee wellness program is engagement, our specialists employ communication strategies identified as best practice within different industries to help optimize employee participation and provide valuable updates.

Employee wellness program benefits

Concentra can help employers develop a comprehensive approach to employee wellness offering numerous benefits from start to finish:

  • Comprehensive: Concentra focuses not only on effective health care services, as well as improving the company health culture and employee attitudes toward living healthier lives and reducing health risks.
  • Coordinated: We can coordinate the treatment and health plan of all employees with their personal physicians, our experienced clinicians, our on-site health specialists, you, and each employee – providing an efficient experience.
  • Convenient: Not only does Concentra offer numerous worksite wellness programs (from awareness to occupational health care), our medical centers are often located near worksites and employee communities.
  • Preventive: Our employee wellness programs focus on adapting healthier lifestyles today to avoid unnecessary health care costs down the road.