Health Screenings

What is a health screening?

Regular health screenings or preventive exams are important components of employee health and wellness. They are the foundation of employee health improvement, and are performed to determine the possible presence of a disease or other health problems. Health screenings can be conducted routinely as preventive measures, or may be administered when suspicion of a specific health issue arises.

Early detection of the risk factors for certain health problems can lead to lower disease rates, reduced employer health care costs, reduced absenteeism, enhanced job satisfaction, and increased productivity. When participants are equipped with good information, it not only provides actionable results, but directly impacts companies and helps them achieve a healthier work culture.

Benefits of Concentra health screenings

Concentra offers multiple types of health screenings such as biometric screenings, which can be conducted at the Concentra worksite or at a Concentra Medical Center. Additional screenings including body fat tests, prostate screenings, and diabetic screenings are available upon request. Health care screening combined with Concentra's integrated wellness programshealth assessments, and health coaching can help improve overall wellness and reduce overall costs associated with an unhealthy workforce.