Concentra has more than 35 years of experience building the occupational health industry and we currently serve over 600 retail and onsite facilities in the U.S. We are the nation’s leading provider of occupational medicine. We offer a full range of medical services designed to improve the health and wellness of your employees.

For the employer, this care helps maximize productivity and significantly lowers health care costs.

Employer Engagement - We work closely with our clients to ensure both employers and employees know how to use our services effectively. We schedule medical center tours for employers and provide a detailed welcome packet that explains our services, address questions, and provides useful contacts. In addition, physicians can visit the work site to understand specific workplace conditions that may dictate treatment plans and return to work transitions.

Patient Engagement - The better experience the patient has with our care the more likely they are to follow through on the treatment plan to a successful outcome. Therefore, Concentra centers are bright and welcoming, and staffed with medical providers who not only address the biological aspect of care, but also the many social and psychological considerations of the employee off-work and return-to-work experience.

Clear Communications - From provider calls right after an injury to customized patient status and quarterly management reports, we ensure employers are always updated on cases. These reports also provide data-driven insights for better return-to-work program understanding and to drive best practices.

Quality Medical Outcomes - We have a medical services philosophy based on early-intervention and focused on positive return-to-work outcomes. Our deep occupational medicine expertise ensures informed recommendations that follow regulatory guidelines.

Sending an Employee?

Download and complete our Employer Authorization for Treatment form and be sure to have your employee bring it to the center. You'll need Adobe Reader to view and print your employer forms.

Note: Concentra prohibits the discrimination of both patients and employees. For more information, view our non-discrimination policy.