The Concentra Difference

Focused care. National reach.

At Concentra, we’re focused on improving America’s health, one patient at a time. That means we work hard to treat every patient to a welcoming, respectful, and skillful experience. We also strive to help employers cultivate a healthier, more productive workforce. With more than 300 medical centers nationwide, and more than 140 employer worksite facilities, Concentra continues to expand our reach, expertise, and level of patient care.

National reach

We have more than 300 medical centers in 40 states that provide occupational health, urgent care, primary care, physical therapy, and health and wellness services to more than 25,000 patients each day. We also operate more than 140 workplace health clinics that provide a range of health and wellness services such as athletic training programs, health screenings, vaccinations, medical advisory services, and more.

Clinical expertise

Founded by physicians in 1979, Concentra is committed to clinical expertise. Our occupational health, physical therapy, health and wellness, urgent care, and primary care services all offer experienced clinicians who put patient care first. We employ an evidenced-based, outcomes-focused approach that has set a standard of excellence for the health care industry. This philosophy has proven effective in returning people to work, to play, and to life faster and more affordably, which can result in lower overall health care costs.

Personalized care

We provide patients and families with care that's focused on getting them back to their lives as quickly as possible. We also help employers encourage the health and wellness of their employees through services that blend primary, preventive, occupational, and environmental health.

Our Mission, vision, and values

Concentra has been committed to outstanding patient care since our founding in 1979. Since then, we’ve strengthened this commitment through ongoing initiatives to improve the patient experience and a corporate culture that puts people first. These principles are supported by our mission, vision, and value statements, which we work hard to align with both our everyday activities and our future goals.

Our mission

Improve the health of America’s workforce, one patient at a time

Our vision

Every patient is treated the Concentra Way: quality clinical care and a positive customer experience from welcoming, respectful, and skillful colleagues.

Our values

  • A healing focus
  • A selfless heart
  • A tireless resolve

Workplace philosophy

Concentra is a company of colleagues who are committed to improving America's health, one patient at a time. We use applicable laws, company guidelines, and our best judgment to do the right thing. This allows us to communicate freely, discuss concerns with management, and choose to go above and beyond—in serving patients and clients. We believe these freedoms ultimately make our work meaningful and satisfying.

At Concentra, we want to ensure that there are no barriers to impede communication between each colleague and management.

The Orange Book

In our quest to improve the patient experience, we developed a guidebook for our employees, whom we call colleagues. This guidebook, called the Orange Book, Is divided into three sections – Welcoming, Respectful, Skillful – and provides specific, common-sense actions that demonstrate these values. It also includes how-to suggestions from other colleagues and quotes from patients.

We made the Orange Book pocket-size so colleagues could carry it with them and refer to it often. It's a little book with a big goal, but it's making a real difference as we work to redefine health care. Ask our colleagues to see a copy when you're in our centers.

Measuring success

How do we know if our efforts to improve the patient experience are making a difference? We're asking our patients. Through follow-up telephone surveys, we're asking patients how their experience was, if they plan to come back, and if they'd recommend us to family or friends. Our rating continues to rise, and we're confident our levels of customer service and patient care will rival the top service companies in the nation.

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