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Needing quick care for your employees

When you need prompt care for immediate needs

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What you need to know

Accidents can happen in an instant, and getting expert, timely care can help to improve the overall outcome of an injury and help your employee get back on their feet. As leaders in occupational medicine, Concentra clinicians are familiar with treating injured workers – regardless of the industry or size of company. Our medical center staff can help care for your employees, while also making sure you manage the workers’ compensation process.

    What to Do

    Getting care for your injured employee is simple. Follow these steps to get started:

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    Why Concentra

    Concentra clinicians treat injured employees like industrial athletes, helping them get back on the job—and in the game—as soon as it’s safe. They teach employees about the benefits of return to work, and talk with them about psychological and social challenges that may be delaying recovery. This speeds up recovery and makes employees more likely to complete their treatment plans—reducing medically unnecessary disabilities and overall lost-duty days.