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Are you prepared for a workplace injury?

The workplace suffers nearly 3 million injuries every year, costing employers $62 billion in medical bills, lost productivity, and more. There’s no size or industry bias when it comes to workplace accidents, so employers need to be prepared for the unfortunate case that an employee get injured at work. By proactively developing an injury care plan, employers can avoid scrambling after a workplace injury, allowing the injured worker to be quickly treated and returned to work.

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    Getting expert, timely care can help to improve the overall outcome of an injury, returning your employee back to health and work quickly. As leaders in occupational medicine, Concentra clinicians can help care for your employees, while also helping you manage the workers’ compensation process.

    Connect with an expert today to save time and money in case of a workplace injury.

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    Why Partner with Concentra

    Concentra’s early intervention and active treatment philosophy means we begin care as soon as possible, and initiate a treatment plan that keeps your employee moving throughout the healing process. This allows for a faster recovery, and less days away from work. Concentra will also help manage the workers’ compensation process, keeping you, the injured worker, and your insurance payor in the loop for seamless claim management.

    With more than 35 years of experience in occupational health, Concentra has the tools to get your injured employees back to work while saving you money.