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  • Transitioning Your Account to Concentra

    We want this transition to be as seamless and easy as possible. Your U.S. HealthWorks’ account information will automatically be transferred to Concentra’s systems. If you have questions about your account or service pricing, please contact your local center or account representative.

  • Authorize Services for Your Employees (Including Forms)

    Concentra recommends employees bring authorization forms with them to their visit. You can get authorization forms by:

    If you complete the forms online via the Concentra Employer Portal, you can print or email the authorization form to your employee.

  • Access Results and Reports

    You can access your injury and non-injury visit results via the Concentra Employer Portal. The Employer Portal is a self-service website that enables you to access your results and reports, as well as share essential reporting information with other people at your company. More information on accessing drug test results can be found below.

    If you’re already using the Concentra Employer Portal, your U.S. HealthWorks contacts for results reporting will be added to your current Concentra Employer Portal account after the U.S. HealthWorks clinic becomes a Concentra center.

    If you’re a new Concentra customer, your U.S. HealthWorks service information will be transferred to the Concentra system and automatically added to the Concentra Employer Portal. This will take place after the U.S. HealthWorks clinic becomes a Concentra center. 

    Before the U.S. HealthWorks centers transition to Concentra, you will receive an email from [email protected] with instructions on how to set up your password and sign in to the employer portal. If you haven’t received an email, please call 844-305-8868.

  • Planning Your Random Pool Drug Testing

    If your random drug testing program is currently managed by U.S. HealthWorks, your random pool management and all of your drug testing will remain with U.S. HealthWorks for the next 3-6 months. Your lab will continue to be Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL), and medical review services will continue to be provided by Dr. Feldman.

    Please be sure to complete all random testing on time. Your random program and drug testing will transition to Concentra Medical Compliance Administration (CMCA) in the upcoming months. As we get closer to the transition, Concentra will send you detailed information about your transition to the CMCA program. If you have questions about these changes, please contact CMCA at 800-775-5447.

  • Update Your Drug Testing Policy

    If you currently use U.S. HealthWorks for pre-employment, post-accident, or reasonable suspicion drug tests and are not using U.S HealthWorks to manage your random program, your medical review officer (MRO) and lab will change to Dr. Kracht (MRO) and Quest Diagnostics (lab). To contact Dr. Kracht, please call 888-382-2281.

    Due to the lab transition, there are minor differences between the U.S. HealthWorks and Concentra drug testing panels, including cutoff level changes. We have established your account with the closest match, but it’s not exactly the same. For a full list of these differences, please download our panel comparison guide. To verify or update your panels, please contact your local center.

    If you currently use a third-party administrator (TPA) and use U.S. HealthWorks only for specimen collection, nothing will change. You will continue to provide a custody and control form (CCF), and we will collect the specimen and send it to your designated laboratory.

    If you have a written substance abuse policy, you may need to update it to reflect these new changes.

  • Access Drug Test and Breath Alcohol Test Results

    If you currently use U.S. HealthWorks for pre-employment, post-accident, or reasonable suspicion drug tests and are not using U.S HealthWorks to manage your random program your employee drug test results will be reported through Concentra’s drug test results portal (supported by eScreen). When your account is transferred, we’ll email the designated employer representative (DER) we have on file for your U.S. HealthWorks Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) account. This email will include a username and a temporary password. If you haven’t received an email invitation from [email protected] or aren’t sure if you have access to the drug test results portal, please call us at 866-944-6046.

    Download a Quick Start Guide for Concentra’s drug test results portal.

    To access results generated before the transition to Concentra, please call the center that performed the test.

  • Access Random Pool Drug Test Results

    After your U.S. HealthWorks account is transferred to Concentra, your random employee drug test results will Continue to be performed as you are accustomed, with CRL laboratory and Dr. Feldman, MRO.  Your program will transition to Concentra Medical Compliance Administration (CMCA) in the upcoming months.  CMCA is a drug consortium that coordinates the employee drug testing process from collection to results reporting and ensures compliance with federal and state testing regulations.

    You will receive detailed information about this transition in the upcoming months via email.

    To access results generated before the transition to Concentra, please call the center that performed the test.

  • Access Past U.S. HealthWorks Results and Reports

    Past U.S. HealthWorks results and reports will continue to be available at the former U.S. HealthWorks clinics after they are transitioned to Concentra. For injury results generated before the transition, please visit the U.S. HealthWorks results portal.

    To access all non-injury service and drug test results generated before the transition, including DOT testing results, please call the center where the service was performed.

  • Pay Your Bill by Mail or Phone

    Concentra bills for injury services on the HCFA-1500 as mandated by state law.  Non-injury services are billed on a weekly basis.. Bills can be paid by mail or by phone to the Concentra Billing Office. You can find the payment address and the billing office phone number on your Concentra invoice. During the transition, please remit payment to the billing entity on the bill.

    Concentra doesn’t currently offer online bill pay. Only bills generated for services provided by a center under the U.S. HealthWorks name can be paid online after transition to Concentra.

    Here’s what to expect with billing after a center transitions to Concentra:

    • Your bill will look a little different
    • You will no longer be able to pay online
    • We’ll continue to send your bill to the contact or organization on file for your U.S. HealthWorks account

    Because Concentra and U.S. HealthWorks have different names for the same services, your bill may look different. If you have questions about pricing or a specific service, please contact your local center or account representative.

  • Notify Employees of this Acquisition

    Materials about the acquisition will be available for employees in each of the former U.S. HealthWorks locations. We encourage you to reach out to your employees about this change. We’ve included suggested language and an email template below that may help you communicate this change.

    Download Newsletter Blurbs

    This document contains two short blurbs about the acquisition. You can add these to upcoming employee communications to tell them what’s changing. We’ve also included an email template below, if you’d like to give them additional information.

    Download Employee Notification Email Template

    This email template announces the acquisition and tells employees what they can expect from Concentra. We’ve included some suggested information, but you can adapt the email as needed to fit your own processes and preferences.

  • Find Concentra Locations in Your Area

  • Verify Your Drug Free Work Place Testing

    Under Florida state law, an employer may be eligible for a workers’ compensation discount when they adopt a Drug Free Workplace program(DFWP).  Concentra clients in Florida who participate in the DFWP are encouraged to review their drug testing services to ensure a DFWP compliant component is included on their account.

    DFWP components include “DFWP” in the component name.  Please review the mapping of toxicology services to translate your prior testing with U.S. HealthWorks to your new Concentra DFWP components.

    Concentra offers 4,5,7,8,9, and 10 panel DFWP compliant tests.   If you have any questions or would like to verify the services mapped to your account, please contact your center.

Man providing transportation services for injured employee

Introducing Transportation and Telemedicine

This acquisition makes it easier for your employees to get care when they need it. Concentra offers transportation at no additional cost for initial injuries, speeding access to health care services. Just call your local center to arrange a ride. To learn more about this service, please call your local center.

Concentra also provides 24/7 telemedicine with Concentra Telemed™, an app-based telemedicine platform designed for employees who have work-related injuries. Using their smartphone or computer, your employee can get the care they need (where allowed by law) without having to leave work or find an after-hours clinician. Learn more about Concentra Telemed.

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