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Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Person holding drug screen results strip

About Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Pre-employment drug tests are drug tests given to job candidates after a job offer is extended, but before they start their first day of work. Employment may be conditional on passing the pre-employment drug test. 

There isn’t a special type of drug test that’s reserved for pre-employment. Employers can use hair drug tests, urine drug tests, saliva drug tests or other drug tests for their pre-employment drug screenings.

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    The Right Pre-Employment Drug Test for Your Workforce

    If you’ve decided to require potential employees to pass a pre-employment drug test before they start work, you’ll need to decide what substances you want to test for, and what type of drug test you want employees to take. Some employers only want their pre-employment drug tests to screen for one specific substance, while others want to be able to screen for all substances and for as far back as possible.

      Get pre-employment drug tests for your workforce

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