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Employee Drug Testing Services

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Drug Testing Services to Protect Your Workforce

Employee drug tests, also known as substance abuse and monitoring services, are an important part of workplace safety. If your employees are impaired by drugs or alcohol, they can be a danger to themselves and others—increasing the risk of work-related injuries. Types of drug tests include hair drug tests, urine drug tests, blood drug tests, pre-employment drug tests, and more.

The Importance of Drug Testing Your Employees

Drug testing is an important part of the hiring process and routine maintenance of owning a company for many reasons. It’s proven to be the best preventive measure in ensuring the safety of your workplace. Employee drug use increases the risk of an accident, therefore doing everything in your power to make sure it is not taking place in your company is crucial.

Your industry may also legally be required to enforce drug testing. Congress passed a law in 1988 requiring any company employed in some way by the federal government to maintain a drug-free workplace. If you own a business regulated by the Department of Labor or Department of Transportation, it is required by law that you drug test your employees as well as schedule periodic physicals and tests.

    Employee Drug Testing Benefits

    Employee Drug testing Benefits 

    Concentra drug screens and substance abuse screenings help employers promote workplace safety. Our substance abuse program includes education and random employee drug testing. We provide a complete drug and alcohol testing solution for your business, including hair drug tests, pre-employment drug tests, collection, lab testing, reports, results, consolidated medical, and a Medical Review Officer (MRO).

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    Safety and Regulations

    Concentra employee drug tests comply with state and federal regulations, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We provide several types of employee drug tests, including pre-employment drug testing that complies with the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing guidelines, and random drug testing.

    As an occupational health provider, we can provide more than drug testing companies can, including injury care, regulatory physicals, physical therapy, and much more. 


      Substance Abuse Management Team

      Experienced Substance Management

      The Concentra Substance Abuse Management team can customize your company’s drug and alcohol awareness training and drug tests to meet the needs of your business. 

      A great business risk control program includes drug testing and screenings to prevent unnecessary safety risks. Concentra has full-service substance abuse management programs that follow all state and federal regulations, educate employees and supervisors, administer pre-employment and random drug testing, and securely maintain drug test records and employee health files. Our substance abuse management program has more than 3,000 drug testing locations in network.