Safety Tips for Kids


Accidental injury is the #1 killer of America’s children, taking more lives than disease, violence, and suicide. But taking simple precautions is estimated to prevent 90% of these accidental injuries.

Childproof your home.

  • Get down on your hands and knees to look for small things kids can choke on.
  • Use the back burners on your stove, and turn pot handles to the back. Keep your kids away from the stove or microwave when you’re cooking.
  • Keep knives, glasses, and scissors out of reach.
  • Cover electrical outlets that aren’t in use.
  • Keep guns locked, unloaded, and out of reach.

Supervise your kids while they’re in the bathroom.

  • Keep toilet lids closed, and bathroom and utility room doors closed when not in use. Put your razors, curling irons, and hair dryers out of reach.
  • Keep your hot water heater at less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Test the water with your forearm before putting your kids in the tub. Never leave the room while they’re bathing.

Take precautions to avoid fires in the home.

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and in every sleeping area. Test them every month.
  • Plan ways to escape from a room if a fire starts. Practice your escape plan with your family, and identify a safe place to meet outside.
  • Lock up matches, lighters, and gasoline.

Take precautions to avoid fires in the home.

  • Keep potential poisons out of your kids’ reach, including: cleaning supplies, pet food, medicine, vitamins, beer, wine, and liquor.
  • Read labels and follow directions carefully when giving your kids medicine.
  • Know which houseplants are poisonous and keep them out of reach.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in every sleeping area. Test them every month.
  • Make sure your heating systems are vented outside and checked every year.

For more information about preventing child injury, you can visit the Safe Kids USA website.