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Walk In Medical Care joins Concentra in Flagstaff


Concentra has expanded our customer base and local presence with the acquisition of Flagstaff Walk In Clinic, LLC, doing business as Walk-In Medical Care (WIMC), in Flagstaff, Arizona. Serving the community for more than 15 years, WIMC has been a respected provider of efficient and effective health care services.

As part of the transition, we consolidated our existing operations into the WIMC location at 1110 E. Route 66, Suite 100. This relocation offers patients greater accessibility and a larger, more comprehensive facility to receive quality medical care. Concentra's medical team, led by Nicholaus Martin, M.D., and physicians Jane Dill, M.D., Margaret Donnelly, M.D., and Carl Shrader, M.D., as well as our existing staff are joining many of the WIMC staff and clinicians. Concentra will continue to offer physical therapy services at the existing Concentra location at 120 W. Fine Avenue through June 1, 2010, at which time it will transition to the facility on Route 66.

"This is an excellent opportunity to expand our service and medical expertise to local employers and the private-patient community in Flagstaff," said Keith Newton, president and chief operating officer of Concentra. "Walk-In Medical Care has a proven record of service to the community, delivering comprehensive medical treatment for injured and ill patients – a philosophy that parallels that of Concentra and ultimately results in tremendous benefits for our patients and clients."

In addition to urgent care and occupational health services, Concentra offers a range of physical therapy, preventive, wellness, and health education services to current and new patients and employers. WIMC's patients will continue to have access to those services at Concentra's new Flagstaff location:

Concentra Urgent Care
1110 E. Route 66, Suite 100
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Open Weekdays 8 am - 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday 8 am - 6 pm

Phone: 928-773-9695
Fax: 928-773-0208