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Veterans Day 2010 We can do something


Thursday is Veterans Day, one of the days set aside to honor members of the military who have served our country. It’s an opportunity to think about the individuals who have made long-term, personal sacrifices that affect their families, their well-being, and often their physical health.

But thinking about veterans on special holidays may not be enough. For those of us who haven’t served in the military or don’t have friends or family in the armed forces, we may feel the need to go beyond thinking to actually doing. This year’s Veterans Day video talks about the many ways volunteers make a difference in the lives of our veterans and how you can get involved (see link at right).

As an organization, Concentra tangibly supports our military in several ways:

  • We are a founding member of the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN), a non-profit organization that provides employment referral and job placement solutions to military spouses, war wounded, caregivers of war wounded, veterans, and transitioning military. Army and National Guard veteran Mike Burton, a vice president in our Health Solutions division, is an honorary member of the MSCCN board of directors.
  • We support active and inactive reservist colleagues by going beyond what is required by law and bridging the gap between their company compensation and their military pay.
  • We employ a number of medical professionals who are in reserve roles and can be called to duty at any time.

Concentra is proud of our leadership role in providing private-sector support of our nation’s military. We are equally proud that many of our colleagues demonstrate selfless hearts by volunteering their time and resources for various charitable causes. This spirit of volunteerism – of taking action on behalf of others – is an important part of our company’s culture of service. We all can do something for our veterans; let’s make the decision and take the next step.


Dan Thomas
Chairman of the Board

Jim Greenwood
Chief Executive Officer

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