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UPMC Concentra open worksite health centers for US Steel


United States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X) recently selected Concentra and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to provide worksite medical programs at three US Steel plants in the greater Pittsburgh area. These worksite medical programs offer a full array of health care services, including acute injury and illness care, medical surveillance examinations, and health improvement programs.

"Working with Concentra gives us the best opportunity to provide a strong worksite occupational health program to meet the comprehensive needs of US Steel," said David M. Weir, President of UPMC Work Partners, a division of the UPMC Insurance Services Division. "Our effective workplace solutions aid in employee access to quality care, improve productivity as well as offer better cost control for employers. Healthy employees are more productive employees and more productive employees affect an employers' bottom line – it's as simple as that."

UPMC teamed with Concentra to provide US Steel comprehensive medical services at its worksites. Each worksite medical facility is open during regular business hours, with some locations open 24 hours. US Steel employees can also access Concentra's four community-based medical centers for additional health care services, helping to strengthen the continuity of care. Through this arrangement, US Steel management enjoys a cost-effective solution that offers benefits to both employer and employees.

"Through this agreement with UPMC, we are pleased to offer successful health care solutions to US Steel and its employees" said Mike McCollum, President of Concentra Health Solutions. "Concentra's expertise in workplace health care delivery helps provide effective health care services in a high quality and consistent manner to employees, and is perfectly aligned with our mission of improving America's health, one patient at a time."

By listening to employers, caring for employees, developing efficient systems, and delivering outcomes-based clinical practices, Concentra has become the leading provider of worksite employee health services for employers in dozens of different industries. With more than 300 national medical centers and 250 worksite medical clinics, Concentra serves more than 100,000 employers across the nation and treats more than 25,000 patients each day.