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Concentras health improvement programs win top NAHRO award


Concentra, a leading provider of health and wellness services, has won one of the nation’s top prizes, a "Merit Award of Excellence" for its comprehensive health and wellness screening programs. The award was presented by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), the country’s largest organization of housing and community development agencies, on September 7, 2010.

Working with the Rock Island Housing Authority of Illinois (RIHA), Concentra implemented its Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening programs to disabled and elderly citizens of Rock Island, helping to bring awareness of health risks and the importance of routine and preventive medical care. Concentra was selected by the RIHA to implement the programs due to the company’s innovative delivery methods, patient-focused services, and quality outcomes. These programs were developed and implemented as part of a Federal grant awarded to the RIHA.

"We are pleased that Concentra’s health screening programs have earned this national recognition and help highlight the importance of affordable and accessible health and wellness," said President of Concentra Health Solutions Mike McCollum. "By bringing our health improvement programs to communities, we help to increase utilization of health care services among individuals who may not typically have access to them."

The "Merit Award of Excellence" recognizes the outstanding innovation and achievement to advance and improve the future of communities and its citizens, developed in cooperation with the Rock Island Housing Authority of Illinois. This is Concentra’s first award by the NAHRO, recognizing the company’s outstanding efforts to improve the health and well-being of a community and its residents. Concentra and RIHA joins other leading organizations across the country whose efforts to improve the well-being of communities have earned them a 2010 Merit Award.

As part of Concentra’s health screening programs, participants complete a personal health assessment that covers their personal health history, diet, exercise, and other risk factors. Screenings also include measurements on cholesterol levels, blood pressure, body mass levels, and blood sugar levels. Each person receives a personalized report on his/her health, including specific information about health risks, and guidance on lifestyle changes to improve their overall health. Concentra can perform health screenings at a variety of locations including community centers, municipal offices, company manufacturing and distribution facilities, or via the health care company’s national network of medical centers.