Concentra Takes Part in National Employee Wellness Month


Concentra, a subsidiary of Humana Inc., is celebrating National Employee Wellness Month, which kicked off June 1, by sharing some easy ways to promote wellness in the workplace and challenging its more than 8,000 Concentra employees to make a month-long commitment to wellness.

For the past four years, companies and employees across the country have recognized the importance of employee health, and marked National Employee Wellness Month with health and wellness events during the month of June. As a leading provider of employer health and well-being services, Concentra develops custom wellness programs for both large and small employers and works to educate business leaders and employees on the positive impact wellness can achieve.

“We’re dedicated to improving the health of our employees,” said Concentra Worksites Vice President John Battey. “June is a good opportunity to start thinking about employee wellness programs, but it shouldn’t be just a one month strategy, it’s a lifetime initiative. We provide clients and our own colleagues with a number of resources to exercise good health, and June is a good time for employers to start thinking about what else they can do.”

During the month of June, Concentra will be emphasizing all things employee health through a social media campaign that covers a variety of wellness tips for the workplace, and sharing real results that client-companies have achieved through integrated health and well-being programs. Concentra challenges its own employees to increase their commitment to wellness, and hosts fitness challenges, sports contests, and other health initiatives throughout the year.

Concentra knows the value of healthy employees and the importance of recognizing this month. Prevention is a crucial component that supports Concentra’s core values, and is part of every health care program offered by the company. Concentra continues to receive recognition as one of the Healthiest Employers in numerous states. Interested companies and employees can follow Concentra on Facebook® for the latest tips and wellness updates.

By listening to employers, caring for employees, developing efficient systems, and delivering outcomes-based clinical practices, Concentra has become the leading provider of worksite employee health services for employers in dozens of different industries. With more than 320 national medical centers and 270 worksite medical clinics, Concentra serves more than 100,000 employers across the nation and treats more than 30,000 patients each day.