Concentra Launches Best-In-Class Program to Improve Workers Health


Concentra, a subsidiary of Humana Inc., is changing the way employees receive medical care through their employer with the introduction of its new Best-In-Class (BIC) Worksite program. As an evolution of the company’s worksite medical model, Concentra’s new system delivers a full scale medical experience for employees to receive quality medical care directly at the workplace.

Concentra’s new Best-In-Class Worksite system is focused on improving employees’ immediate and long-term health by increasing access to coordinated care, and keeping patients and employers engaged in health and well-being strategies. In return, this unified experience delivers a comprehensive approach that moves beyond occupational and acute care services to include primary care, wellness and prevention, care coordination, chronic care management, behavioral health, and lifestyle improvement services. Models have shown that every $1 invested returns $3 in saved healthcare costs.

"We are excited to deliver a new approach to population health that improves access for employees as well as addresses their larger health care needs, thereby setting a new standard for employer health services," said Edward Schwartz, M.D., Concentra’s National Medical Director for Worksites and Wellness. "In an era of uncertainty surrounding health care access, Concentra’s Workforce Health and Well-Being system offers comprehensive coverage through a single access point, allowing physicians to manage employees’ long-term health, while bending the cost curve to reduce excessive spending.”

Based on extensive research from medical leaders and industry analysts, Concentra identified the 12 critical elements that are required to construct a fully successful workforce health program. The company’s new Workforce Health and Well-Being system aligns these elements to support the connection between healthcare and a company’s workforce, with a focus on employer engagement, appropriate clinical capabilities, participant engagement, and measurable outcomes.

Concentra is taking a new approach to the term ‘population health’ by addressing employees’ whole health needs and integrating of wellness and behavioral health services. By improving access to care, engaging employees and their families in health and wellness practices, and expanding the scope of care, employers hope to make a greater impact on the health of their workforce and reduce costs.

"We are proud to provide health and wellness services to working Americans and improve the health of the nation, one patient at a time. By revolutionizing our BIC Worksite program and expanding the scope of services, we create a fully integrated offering that meets the needs of busy employees, while reducing excessive costs for employers, and without sacrificing service and quality of care,” added Schwartz.

The Workforce Health and Well-Being model can be scaled to fit the unique solutions of an employer’s business and target the specific needs of a workforce. The model directly and indirectly addresses immediate and work-related injuries, evaluates larger and long-term well-being, and assists with lifestyle changes to improve the overall health of an employee whether at home or at work.

For nearly 30 years, Concentra has been a leader in the delivery of health care services. Concentra offers a health care model that incorporates superior service and inviting surroundings to help set patient expectations. With treatment for a wide range of minor injuries and illnesses for the entire family, Concentra is rapidly becoming the new standard in patient care. To learn more about Concentra’s Best-In-Class Worksite program, visit