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Bridgeforth authors international textbook on radiology trauma


When J.P. Lippincott, America's oldest medical publisher, wanted to train physicians worldwide about the practice of medicine, they selected five subjects for their primary care medical series. Each subject was published as a hardcover textbook with a global marketing campaign.

The radiology trauma textbook project was awarded to George Bridgeforth MD, MPH, medical director of Concentra's Chicago West Loop location. He noted that all primary care physicians should be required to take a radiological trauma course during their senior year in medical school, a second one during residency, and a refresher course for senior physicians. He serves as the principal author of Lippincott's Primary Care Musculoskeletal Radiology.

Each chapter discusses clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, clinical assessment, radiological assessment, conservative management, surgical management, indications for referral, and patient handouts.

It was a five-year commitment; Dr. Bridgeforth served as the principal author of 51 of its 53 chapters. Contributing authors include some of the nation's leading orthopedic specialists. The textbook contains over 300 illustrations and was released internationally on October 1 of this year.