The 8 Healthy Habits of Successful Employees

By Michael Galvan | 05/03/2016

Many successful employees have a regimented set of habits that they use to help propel their life and career. Maybe the most important group of these habits is centered on healthy choices and personal wellness. To achieve success, your body and mind need to be running at peak efficiency. 

There are several daily life hacks that can have a large cumulative impact on your productivity and happiness. Use these habits unlock your full potential.

Habit #1 Prepare Meals Ahead of Time

Just like top athletes, successful leaders know that food at its core is fuel for the body. In other words, what you put in is what you put out. Long work days can lead to rushed meals at fast food restaurants or unhealthy vending machine options. To avoid the 9-5 lunch trap, successful leaders take a few minutes the night before to prepare healthy meals and snacks. This habit helps them get the right nutrition and save money that would be wasted on unnecessary food costs.

Habit #2 Make Small Lists

It’s often helpful to break things down into their smallest parts. This includes daily and long-term tasks. By prioritizing, organizing, and listing goals, good leaders and entrepreneurs never lose sight of what’s important and are able to juggle extremely busy schedules. Making to-do lists will save you the headaches that result from poor planning and decrease your stress levels.

Habit #3 Measure Everything

Approaching life and business with an analytical mindset is crucial for continued improvement. The best leaders measure everything they can to achieve more desirable results. Try measuring your caloric intake, number of hours exercised, and macro nutrients to gain personal insights. You may find that there is a gap between your perception and reality.

Habit #4 Take Strategic Breaks

Nobody can go full speed all the time. Our bodies and mind need rest to function their best. Spending too much time on a project can zap your strength and lead to diminishing returns.  When you start to feel your productivity take a sharp decline, take a strategic break to rest and refocus.

Habit #5 Seize Downtime

Use your breaks to relax in a way that will prove beneficial. Try to do something that will increase your knowledge or skill set. Spending time reading, writing, painting, working on a hobby, etc., during breaks will generally be much more useful than watching TV.

Habit #6 Don’t take fitness 0’s

If you have ever taken a class, then you know that a single 0% grade from a missed assignment can cancel out even your best work. Taking off too many days can really hurt you. Always try to salvage some positives, even from a less than ideal scenario. If you don’t have a full hour to get your normal workout routine in, try a quick half hour of cardio instead. Do anything to avoid taking that ugly 0.

Habit #7 Get sleep

Sleep is not optional. Our bodies need a certain amount of sleep to perform their best. Continually depriving yourself of sleep can dramatically impact the quality of your work.

Habit #8 Practice Daily Optimism

Steve Jobs famously said: “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again.” What an inspiring quote! It radiates optimism. Stay positive and you will be much more successful than people who always see that glass as half empty.