Put Your “Eyes on Diabetes” for World Diabetes Day

By Haley Bass | 11/16/2016

On November 14, the world put the spotlight on diabetes, a chronic disease that affects 415 million adults. This year’s theme for World Diabetes Day was “Eyes on Diabetes,” which promotes the importance of preventive measures like screenings and treatments that reduce the risk of serious complications.1

Diabetes is a global burden that continues to increase. By 2040, one in ten adults are expected to have diabetes – that’s around 642 million people.2 Due to poor nutrition and a lack of physical activity, type 2 diabetes has become an increased threat for children and people in low- and middle-income countries.

In 2015, the world spent $673 billion on treating diabetes and managing associated complications.2 Employers have spent nearly $245 billion per year on their diagnosed employees, including indirect costs from reduced productivity ($69 billion).3

Although the world uses this day to focus on diabetes, all chronic diseases and conditions are overwhelming the American health care system. Heart disease, obesity, arthritis, stroke, and diabetes account for 86% of our nation’s health care costs 4 – and they’re all preventable.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to manage diabetes is through early intervention, which is why World Diabetes Day is making prevention the focus this year.

Concentra offers a simple and effective method to keep your workforce healthy. Through our comprehensive wellness services, Concentra provides your employees with health and biometric screenings at your onsite clinic or one of our 300+ medical centers nationwide.

Biometric screenings identify health risks due to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, and can provide the necessary information to help reduce these risks through intervention strategies.

Each biometric screening will measure these essential health factors:

  • Height measurement
  • Weight measurement
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Waist circumference (abdominal girth)
  • Fasting glucose/Blood sugar (the amount of sugar in the blood)
  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL and LDL cholesterol level
  • Triglycerides level (the amount of fatty acids in the blood)

If at least three measurements are outside the normal range, the employee will be identified as "at risk" for future diabetes or heart disease. These results will be confidentially shared with only the individual, and will include recommendations for lowering their health risks, like making lifestyle changes or receiving follow-up care. When an employee knows exactly what health risks they’re facing, they are more likely to take a proactive role in improving their health.

Concentra’s wellness solution also includes health coaching and education. A health specialist can be accessed online or in-person to encourage employees to change their lifestyle behaviors and achieve personal health goals. Classes provide strategies to prevent illness and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Early detection of the risk factors for certain health problems can lead to lower disease rates, employer health care costs, and absenteeism, while enhancing job satisfaction and productivity.

Utilize Concentra’s wellness services to decrease your workforce’s health risks and costs associated with diabetes and other chronic diseases. Put your “eyes on diabetes” and take advantage of the biometric screenings and other preventive measures offered through your onsite clinic or one of our medical centers.

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