New Partnership with Viverae Offers Complete Onsite Wellness Services

By Sarah Simmons | 07/06/2016

Our recent partnership with Viverae, a leader in total population health, has brought the care we provide at our onsite health and wellness centers to a new level. Those centers will now combine Concentra’s best-in-class occupational health services with Viverae’s industry-leading wellness programs, all in one location that’s easily accessible to employees.

This comprehensive solution to employee health care provides a unique value to employers. From the assessment of health risks in an employee population to quality care for chronic conditions and workplace injuries, our occupational care model is based on engagement and clear and thorough communication. The relationships that our onsite centers help build between clinicians, employers, and patients ensure that everyone is working together to determine the best and most cost-effective ways to keep employees healthy and productive. 

Recently, we reached out to Viverae’s team of onsite wellness coordinators to get their perspective on what our new partnership adds to the service we provide our clients. Viverae’s wellness coordinators are passionate individuals who work with clients to develop program strategies, and who help drive the engagement that’s so important for quality medical outcomes.

Here’s what they had to say about our latest partnership:

Q: What are some of the employee advantages of having a wellness program offered out of the same center as occupational medicine services?

A: Convenience is the biggest—and most obvious—advantage. By having these services located in one place, it’s easier for employees to recover from injuries and illnesses while improving their overall health outcomes at the same time. In general, on-site clinics streamline the entire treatment process. By connecting our systems and sharing information between the clinic and the wellness program, employees enjoy a simple and seamless experience. On the administrative side, these services facilitate communication among all relevant parties, creating a more effective care process. It makes managing the wellness program easier, and the combined data leads to more effective and impactful strategies.

Q: How does the presence of an on-site center help strengthen engagement among employees enrolled in a health management program?

A: Having close contact between patients and providers strengthens engagement. Plus, it provides a channel to directly connect employees to the on-site clinics, increasing utilization. Having daily access to physically meet with someone who can help with illnesses, injuries, and common conditions doesn’t just remove the barrier to getting care, but it also helps keep wellness and health top-of-mind.

Q: What additional information can be obtained to improve employee health by integrating population health services with an on-site center?

A: Through Viverae’s health management system, we collect real-time data on employee health, which provides clinicians with the information they need to create the most effective and efficient treatment programs. This makes health care less disjointed, since wellness programs, like Viverae, serve as the hub for monitoring and motivating a person’s journey toward better health.

Both Concentra and Viverae understand that focusing on the individual experience and offering a variety of options helps employees take charge of their health. In order to create long-lasting engagement and behavior change, wellness programs have to be easy to follow and provide convenient access to care. This new partnership helps us continue to do exactly that. 

For more information on onsite wellness services for your organization, contact a program expert today.