Introducing Mobile Onsite Wellness Solutions for Employers

By Michael Galvan | 03/04/2016

Concentra has formed a strategic alliance with Viverae, a leader in total population health. Through this alliance, Concentra will offer comprehensive onsite health and wellness solutions to improve access to quality healthcare services and advance population health management best practices for employers.

Onsite clients will benefit from a comprehensive health management system that blends Viverae’s industry-leading wellness programs with Concentra’s best-in-class occupational and urgent care services.

Success Story: Hill and Wilkinson General Contracting

Viverae’s successful programs have generated exceptional returns for several large and evolving businesses. When general contracting firm Hill and Wilkinson became concerned with the rising health insurance costs and the physical needs of their 250+ person workforce they made plans to implement a Viverae wellness program. 

Hill and Wilkinson began by only conducting employee health risk assessments but eventually ended up adding more features and creating an on-site fitness center to encourage employee exercise. These changes resulted in dramatic improvements to the health and well-being of their employees.

Hill and Wilkinson’s commitment to workforce health ended up paying big dividends for the construction company. The firm saw a 65.20% percent reduction of members at risk for high blood pressure; a 57.90% reduction of in the average number of high-risk factors per member; and 75% employee participation in the program. 

These numbers are indicative of just how effective scalable enterprise health management can be. With the right support, any workforce can dramatically lower their risks for chronic disease. This means less absenteeism and lower insurance premiums. By integrating Viverae’s total health population management approach to occupational and urgent care needs at the workplace, Concentra can deliver a complete offering that can manage and improve the full scale of employee health needs. 

Viverae and Concentra are committed to bringing world class data and metrics anywhere your team lives and works. If you are interested in learning more about how we can implement solutions for your business needs, contact one of our programs experts for a free consultation.