Introducing Complete Onsite Wellness Customization

By Michael Galvan | 03/04/2016

When it comes to wellness programs, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Every business is unique, and the ways in which they support their workforce need to align with internally directed goals and strategies. Concentra’s new partnership with Viverae enables us to provide employers with even more options when it comes to designing an onsite wellness plan.

Biometric screenings, mobile integration, health coaching, and advanced population health management tools are now available for Concentra on-site clients. . Onsite wellness programs can be easily be tailored to meet your needs. No matter what stage of growth your company is in, our suite of services can seamlessly evolve around and grow with you.

This new partnership will allow employers an unprecedented ability to target health-specific goals. If leadership decides that raising awareness about personal health is a top priority, the reporting of a wellness program can be structured to achieve that deliverable. If that objective is achieved and a new strategy takes its place, the wellness program can be quickly updated to reflect the new health goals. This combination of consolidated services and flexible design means that employers can promote employee health like never before.

Success Story: Regency Centers

One company that saw massive improvements to an already healthy workforce was Regency Centers. Even though they had been one of the first adopters of the corporate wellness movement, they thought they still had room for improvement. In 2012, they decided to implement a Viverae wellness program.

As part of their new program, Regency Centers implemented biometric screenings, preventive care, health coaches, target programs, and even personal health tracking integration. Their goal: improve employee lifestyle choices and decrease risk for chronic disease.

After nearly two years, the data showed that Regency Centers had made massive gains. Regency Centers saw health risk factors, tobacco use, and stress levels decline, while healthscores and physical activity rose.

The Mayor’s Council on Fitness & Well-Being recognized them as the Healthiest Company, as did Jacksonville’s First Coast Worksite Wellness Council. In 2015, Regency Centers was also awarded Platinum, the highest possible honor in the First Coast Healthiest Companies awards.

Here are some big numbers from the program:

  • 40% of the cohort population who were initially measured as being at high risk for Hypertension were able to decrease their risk within twelve months
  • 47.60% of employees who were designated as sedentary have integrated activity into their daily life and reduced their health risk level
  • 58.70% of membership is now at a low health risk level compared with the first year of the program
  • 79.48% increase in excellent health scores of engaged population who have participated for three straight years

Regency Center has helped prolong the lives and increase the engagement of their talented workforce. These important data points are proof that an interactive wellness program can have dramatic impacts upon employee health. By joining with Viverae, Concentra is able to produce similar results for clients with aspirations of better employee health.

Concentra is committed to helping creating more productive and healthy workforces. With a comprehensive wellness program integrated within our options, we can build upon the successes we currently deliver to clients in occupational medicine, further managing the longitudinal care of employee health. If you are interested in learning more about how we can implement solutions for your business needs, contact one of our programs experts for a free consultation.