What are the Benefits of Onsite Health Care?

By Anna Kleiner | 04/14/2017

The American Medical Association has found that leaving work for a doctor’s appointment can take up to four hours out of an employee’s work day. Because of this, many employers struggle to find the balance between supporting employee health and not losing valuable time away from work for their care. With health care prices and demand on the rise, employers are challenged to find innovative ways to provide cost-effective, quality care to their employees. As one solution, many companies are beginning to provide their employees with onsite health centers.

You want your company to be one of them—but you aren’t sure how to concisely present the benefits to the rest of your company to get them on board. While you can’t explain all the benefits of an onsite center in a single article, here are three common benefits Towers-Watson found in a 2015 survey of employers with onsite centers:

1. Increased productivity

Lost productivity due to presenteeism, absenteeism, and health and disability issues cost employers an estimated $160 billion each year. By bringing health care directly to the workplace, employers can reduce working hours lost to doctor’s appointments and travel—and address health concerns before they become time-consuming cases.

2. Reduced health care costs

The convenience of onsite health care and wellness programs makes it easy for employees to seek care at the onsite health center immediately, rather than waiting until after hours for expensive, time-consuming treatment. This helps reduce claims costs for the employer.

3. Improved workplace safety

Onsite clinicians can help employers optimize their injury care plans—and their work environment—to improve workplace safety. Understanding where employees work and what they do every day produces insights into employee health needs and in turn, helps create a safer, more productive workforce.

In the long-term, having a clinician on-site can also help reduce chronic conditions, such as obesity and heart disease, that can increase the potential for on-the-job injuries. The convenience of an onsite clinic often enables employees to get treatment for these conditions when they otherwise may not have. This is especially meaningful in today’s health care environment, in which 55% of Americans report no relationship with a primary care physician. Bringing health care onsite can give employees access to this much-needed ongoing care and improve these chronic conditions.

Learn about Concentra's onsite health centers in this video with our President and CEO, Keith Newton.

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