Dr.Maja Jurisic Recognized for Excellence within the Workers' Comp Industry

By Eric Becker | 01/12/2016
This past December, WorkCompCentral, an established publication for worker’s compensation news, education, and data, held their annual “Comp Laude Awards and Gala” in Los Angeles. Maja Jurisic, MD, CPE was one of the few medical finalists elected to the “President’s Honor Roll” comprised of the most noteworthy professionals in worker’s compensation. Those chosen for the President’s Honor Roll are those who improve worker’s compensation by performing with integrity and going above the call of duty in the pursuit of excellence. Finalists are nominated to the President’s Honor Roll by their peers, and of 200 nominations in 2015, Maja Jurisic was one of the select few recognized with this award.

Dr. Jurisic was nominated by Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH, who collaborated with her on an occupational medicine white paper. Nominations are open to anyone in the industry, but are subject to verification by WorkCompCentral and ultimately decided by a panel of recognized leaders of the industry representing a variety of segments.

"This award is special to me because people in the WC arena who are not with Concentra have recognized my efforts to help Concentra clinicians do the best possible job of renormalizing patients' lives after the disruption of a work injury," said Dr. Jurisic.

Dr. Jurisic believes events like these are beneficial because they bring all stakeholders in the return-to-work process together, from medical providers to administration to insurance providers and patients. 

“It is so very important for there to be clear communication between all of the stakeholders and it is very rare for them all to be in the same place at one time,” said Dr. Jurisic.
Steve Cattolica, a lobbyist for physician groups in the state of California spoke about the communication between physicians and employers. He said, “There are too many intermediaries within the system, and that there needs to be more of a direct line of communication between the physicians who provide the care and the decision-makers on the employer side.” He cited a statistic that we are now spending more on "cost control" services than we are spending on the actual medical care in the WC system.

Dr. Jurisic believes that Concentra has an excellent understanding of what a successful communication process looks like in a workers compensation plan.
“We recognize what we should be doing, and we will become even more of a leader in the industry if we can remain consistent throughout,” said Dr. Jurisic.

Concentra would like to congratulate Dr. Jurisic on this significant and well-deserved achievement!

dr jurisic and group at work comp awards gala