Picture of Dempsey Challenge team

Support Team Concentra in the 2018 Dempsey Challenge

By Anna Kleiner | 07/18/2018

Most people have been impacted by cancer in some way. It’s an ugly disease, and an expensive one to treat. The cost of caring for cancer patients and their families could reach $156 billion by 2020.

The Dempsey Center strives to provide “free support, education, and integrative medical services to anyone impacted by cancer.” It was founded in 2008 in honor of actor Patrick Dempsey’s mother, Amanda Dempsey. Today, the Dempsey Center provides extensive cancer and wellness services.

The Dempsey Center holds a fundraising event every year to help fund its efforts: the Dempsey Challenge. This walk/run/cycling event is held in Maine, and every dollar raised directly benefits the Dempsey Center. Concentra has proudly sponsored the Dempsey Challenge since it started ten years ago, and each year Concentra colleagues participate in and help fundraise for the event.

This year, the Concentra team’s fundraising goal is $60,000 – and they’re already more than 70% to goal. Help them reach their goal today by donating on their team page at http://support.dempseychallenge.org/goto/Concentra18. Even small donations make a big difference.