Customer Spotlight: JM Bozeman

By Michael Galvan | 03/11/2016

The most important part of any business is the dedicated employees who run it. As the leading occupational medicine provider Concentra helps to create and maintain productive workforces through pre-employment testing and early intervention therapy. Our commitment to service ensures that we are able to set high standards for employee health.

There is no greater praise than when we hear positive feedback from an employer who utilizes our services to effectively manage their company. One such organization is a JM Bozeman Enterprises Inc., a transportation business headquartered in Malvern, Arkansas.

Founded in 1992 with a single truck, JM Bozeman has grown to become one of the most successful trucking companies in the continental United States. Their organization specializes in providing clean and reliable shipping solutions alongside industry leading customer service. Like Concentra, JM Bozeman is a business that is built on delivering measurable results.

When construction delays on a major highway made it harder for JM Bozeman employees to get their drug screens from a local Concentra center, the company decided to use a closer outside facility. Before long, compliance manager Cindy Fletcher noticed a measurable decrease in clinical performance.  Cindy and her staff missed the “…professionalism, consistency, and accuracy…” of Concentra centers.

Soon, JM Bozeman began to send their drivers back to Concentra. Even though the switch meant their employees had to drive a little longer, company leadership felt it was worth the extra time because of the increased quality of testing and service. 

That is the greatest compliment we can receive. It is our goal to be the trusted occupational medicine provider for all your employee needs. We want to sincerely thank JM Bozeman for taking the time to share their story with us and wish them the very best as they continue to maintain and expand their already successful business.