Concentra's Work with Manufacturers

By Eric Becker | 07/06/2016

Our Experience

Regardless of size, manufacturing businesses often experience many of the same challenges in caring for injured employees. For over 35 years, Concentra has been the leader in occupational health medicine serving more than 500 medical center and onsite facilities throughout the United States. During our time of providing occupational medicine services we’ve worked with many employers of all sizes across multiple industries, including manufacturing. Our depth of experience catering to the manufacturing industry helps us better tailor programs and services to meet your specific needs.

Our Occupational Medicine Expertise and Philosophy

Given the often repetitive nature of job roles, the risk associated with routine tasks, and the physical demands these positions place upon employees, maintaining the health of a manufacturing workforce can be challenging. Every worker supports the success of the business, which is why we align our focus with yours, to ensure we effectively reduce on-the-job risks and improve employee health – making your success our success.

Beginning with a comprehensive model, our experienced clinicians apply an early intervention approach that focuses on pre-employment services, return-to-work scheduling, re-injury prevention, and reduced employer costs. Through established injury programs and processes designed to help employees recover and stay productive, only 7.7% of Concentra cases require recommended off duty days. We also work on building physician relationships with our partnered employers to identify high-risk work areas or job functions and help them make informed return-to-work decisions.

We understand the challenges facing manufacturing employers and the services they need to keep their workers healthy. Our employee workers’ compensation education programs share information on safety, treatment and services, and the value of an active healing process. Our teams make use of proprietary clinical informatics to share accurate workers’ compensation information with employers and payors to allow comparisons of outcomes with reported industry benchmarks. The services we provide not only treat your injured employees and return-them-to work quickly and efficiently but also help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

Quality Medical Outcomes

As health care costs continue to increase year after year it’s paramount to ensure your employees are getting the right care they need, and at the right cost for your business. After partnering with Concentra, companies typically realize a 33% savings in cost per claim and 33% fewer lost time claims across all industries, including manufacturing.

We have found that the biggest benefit that manufacturing company’s see after working with Concentra is a reduction of injury cases, and a quick return to productivity following an injury. Concentra patients average about half the physical therapy visits as that of non-Concentra patients which translates to getting your employees back to work faster and at a reduced cost. In total, an average injury case is completed in less than 21 days at Concentra.

Services Developed For Your Industry Needs

Our continued work with employers in the manufacturing industry has helped to identify certain common injuries. Our injury care services can treat employees that suffer from lacerations or burns that they may have contracted while working on the assembly line or working with certain tools. We also offer physical therapy to address sprains and strains that come from lifting heavy equipment or performing repetitive motions.

Many of our Concentra centers also offer specialist care to treat more complex and long-term injuries that may present greater treatment challenges, or conditions that persist beyond the typical treatment progression.   Given our experience over the past 35 years, our physicians know the best treatment for these common injuries and the best care to keep your employees healthy.


At Concentra, we believe that the only way to improve patient outcomes is through active and open engagement with employers and employees. Through education and communication, we have established a proven record of success that empowers manufacturing employees to participate in prevention programs, reduce health and safety risks, and take an active role in their recovery. Through Concentra’s leadership in employer health programs, we continue to help manufacturing employers protect the health of their workforce, reduce workers’ compensation costs, and increase the success of your organization.