Concentra Redefines Employee Wellness


Health care reform has become a topic of discussion that we have all come to know within the last few years, more importantly the pivotal conversations surrounding group health and cost-effective solutions to treating America’s workforce. In less than a year, employers will be faced with the major impacts of health care changes due to the Affordable Care Act, which is driving many health care organizations to solidify plans and programs in order to meet the deadline.

In the midst of this changing environment, leaders in the occupation medicine industry have been charged to reform the way workplace injury cases are handled. In this highly-regulated system, providers are challenged to deliver employers with a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy toward employee wellness. Concentra, the nation’s largest provider in employer health services, have evaluated clinical data, outcome measures and ROI to formulate a proactive approach that creates viable options for organizations seeking to treat their workforce and improve the organization’s population health.

After conducting extensive research with current clients and industry-related peers, Concentra identified the key elements required for any Best-In-Class Worksite Program. This “best practices” solution includes critical components necessary to reform a workers’ compensation program. While this focus is not unique, Concentra’s program takes an integrated care approach that not only reduces medical costs, but also improves an organization’s population health through proactive employee engagement, primary care services and chronic care management. Combining this care delivery model with an employer’s investment in their employees’ health helps to achieve increased productivity, lower costs of care, shorter case duration, and fewer disability cases—ultimately providing better treatment and health for employees beyond the workplace.

Understanding that limited access to health care exists beyond the workplace, Concentra has recently added primary care services. Applying much of the same focus of our occupational medicine and urgent care expertise, this expansion incorporates our signature patient experience and coordinated care to continue to treat and improve the long-term health of employees and their families. This network means a consistent visit experience when employees seek care while at work through onsite locations, treatment for chronic conditions at primary care centers, and immediate care for acute needs at urgent care clinics. Through this coordination, employees have multiple resources to help them improve their health and long-term well-being.

With a widening scope of solutions and innovative delivery model, employers now have greater options to care for the health of their workforce. The new definition of employee wellness is an environment that addresses the needs of employees’ whole health, recognizes the challenges faced by employers, and tackles both while improving access and health outcomes. It’s a cohesive solution to medical care, where employers, employees, physicians, and payers can experience acute, long-term and specialized care services delivered through a quality and trusted provider. It’s better health today and tomorrow.