Concentra Recognizes National Nutrition and Colorectal Awareness Month


March is National Nutrition Month and Colorectal Awareness Month, and as we anticipate the arrival of spring weather, it's time to start thinking about healthy eating habits you can adopt for a long, healthy life. That is why, Concentra, a subsidiary of Humana Inc., is offering a few easy tips to a healthy diet that can reduce the risk for many chronic illnesses.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), studies have shown obese children and adolescents are likely to be obese adults, placing them at greater risk for major health complications and illnesses. This year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has made nutrition fun with National Nutrition Month themed as 'Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day', motivating individuals to build a personalized eating diet that will not only improve their health but incorporate food preferences, lifestyle, culture and ethnic traditions.

To further jumpstart individuals towards kicking those bad eating habits, Concentra recommends following the 'Eat Colors for Optimal Health' chart to learn which vegetables and fruits can reduce health risks and protect you against harmful illnesses. And with more than 90 percent of colorectal cancer cases occurring in people who are 50 years or older, individuals can reduce their risk by minimizing exposure to toxins like smoke, alcohol, red/processed meat, and by including these four foods into your diet:

  • Broccoli: the number one vegetable for disease and cancer prevention
  • Sweet Potatoes: the superfood for colon cancer prevention
  • Yogurt: the best option for your intestinal health
  • Tuna: contains selenium, which is critical to the detoxification of your system and minimizing your risk of cell mutation

It is also important that those over the age of 50 get screened regularly, for as many as 60 percent of colorectal cancer deaths could be avoided. To learn more about colorectal cancer, visit

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