Concentra Colleague Spotlight: Phil Lorenzo and Sara Einhorn - Working towards a Healthy Lifestyle

By Eric Becker | 07/08/2016

Phillip Lorenzo and Sara Einhorn are both product managers at Concentra’s headquarters in Addison, Texas. Besides sharing the common goal of working endlessly to improve the products that Concentra has to offer, they both share the desire for living a healthy lifestyle. 


Phill Lorenzo:

 Colleague Spotlight Picture - PhilPhill had always played sports growing up; whether it was lacrosse or football in high school he always found a way to stay active. After high school finished for Phill he had to find other ways to stay active and in shape. “I had to find some sort of activity to do by myself because team sports were no longer as regularly available, so I decided to start running,” said Phill. 

Phill has since run in multiple 5ks as well as two half marathons and a handful of Ragnar Relay races, which are a series of long distance running relay races. When Phil is not training for a specific race he typically runs two to three times a week opposed to the four to five times a week when training. 

“Running is just a nice way for me to relax and blow off steam. It gives me a chance to just zone out, which is good for both my mind and my body,” said Phil. “The most important thing is to have a goal or something that you are working towards to train for. It is very easy to get lazy when you don’t have an end goal in mind.”

Phill also recognizes the importance of a healthy diet when training for a race. “When I am training I am definitely more conscious of my diet. I try to keep it simple though,” said Phill. “When I order a sandwich I will make sure not to get fries or I will get water instead of getting a soda.” 

Phill says the hardest part of running or staying healthy is finding out how to incorporate it into your daily life until it becomes part of your daily routine. “I make sure that running is now part of my daily life and that nothing takes the place of it. 90 percent of it is just showing up and once you are there it is easy.” 



Sara Einhorn:

Much like Phil, Sara also began her fitness journey in high school. Sara played soccer in high school but by the time she got to graduate school she had decided to pick up running. “I ran my first race when I was in graduate school. I originally picked up running because it was free, but it was also a good way for me to blow off steam from school.” 

Sara also began to run with her mom, Patti Walkover, who is Concentra’s Vice President of Operations, Technology and Coding. At first they would only run races together because they were in different states but once Sara moved to Texas they were able to run together more regularly. 

This last year Sara and Patti decided to continue their fitness journey together but wanted to try something new. “We were looking for something new to try so we decided on CrossFit. My mom and I do CrossFit training six days a week before work during the week and then also on Saturdays,” said Sara. “I still do some running on the side but don’t train for it as much. CrossFit is actually great preparation for running; I had my fastest mile time ever after doing CrossFit.”sara-einhorn

As for dieting or meal plans, Sara believes that it all depends on the individual person. “The one thing I will say is that you cannot outwork a bad diet,” said Sara. “Being healthy is definitely a type of lifestyle and you need to figure out what works best for you.” 

Sara’s favorite thing about exercising is being able to spend that extra time with her mom as well as the sense of community that she gets by knowing everyone in her CrossFit gym is all working together towards the same goal of a healthier lifestyle. That being said, there are some difficulties that come with the lifestyle. “The hardest thing is being able to put in perspective how much progress you have made. If you didn’t have the best day it is important to look back to a few weeks ago or months ago and think about how far you have come,” said Sara. “The most important thing is to pick something that you really enjoy and to not compare your achievements to others.” 

Both Sara and Phil will continue to try and improve their fitness skills in the future and one day may even run a race together.