A Sports Medicine Approach that Keeps You in the Game

By Michael Galvan | 02/07/2016

Across the world people grow up with different cultures, values, and languages. Yet, common ground is often found through sports. Athletic competition helps to create unity, provoke communication, and inspire loyalty.  Even when a player falls due to an injury, he or she remains a member of the team and is supported by fans.

This team unity concept also exists in the workplace, which is why Concentra applies a sports medicine approach to occupational injuries. We work to help employees persevere even when medical obstacles sideline a team member, and provide support to the team when one is down.  We model our early-intervention approach on the same type of immediate response as utilized by professional trainers and team doctors that rush onto the field. Whether it’s catching footballs in the end zone, or adjusting machinery in a factory, active jobs require an active approach to injury care. 

Just as coaches and trainers work to get injured players back on the field, Concentra’s sports medicine model works to provide early treatment and initiate rehabilitation as soon as possible after an injury.  And like trainers and coaches with the sidelined athlete, Concentra doctors and therapists work closely with the injured worker to create a proper return to work plan.

We recognize the hard work and dedication of both teams participating in this weekend’s big game, including the many physicians and trainers who help players stay safe and healthy. Your industrial athletes are out on the field, so be sure to consult with Concentra to help take your team into the end zone.

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