The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Employee Hand Injuries

By Michael Galvan | 12/29/2015

More than ten thousand people are injured on the job every day. And with each injury costing in excess off $37,000, employers can face hefty costs following a workplace accident. What this cost doesn’t include is the pain and frustration felt by the injured worker and the lost productivity for the employer. 

Employee hand injuries can be one of the most costly injuries. We use our hands for almost everything, and any injury can severely reduce our productivity. Whether it’s handling automobile engines, or typing up spreadsheets, hands play a large role in the day-to-day routines of most employees.

Hand injuries account for a significant portion of total worker injuries every year. By taking a few simple steps, you can reduce the incidence of such injuries. 

1. Make your workers wear gloves.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lacerations are the third leading cause of employee injuries. Protective gloves an help prevent small cuts and potential tendon strains.

2. Perform a common injury analysis.

If you see hand injuries starting to increase, you may want to examine the job junctions and conditions that could be causing excess injuries. A quick look at the most common injury may yield trending patterns and call out behavior or polices that need to be updated.

3. Focus on proper training.

Be sure that employees are properly trained before they ever start using sharp objects or expose themselves to potential workplace health risks. Periodically review the procedures and proper handling of materials with your employees.

4. Post appropriate signage.

In locations where employees are using sharp objects or operating heavy machinery, make sure to post visible reminders and warnings. This signage is an easy and effective way to help keep your employees focused on their safety.

5. Update and service machinery.

Don’t let old or broken machinery cost you thousands of dollars and lost time. Keeping your equipment up to date and in functioning condition is essential for a safe work place. Effective and functioning operating tools require less force, which can further limit the potential for misuse and injuries.

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