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coverage and care for injured workers

What is Workers Compensation Worker in An Arm Sling

what is workers' compensation?

Put simply, workers’ compensation is a set of state and federal programs that make sure you get medical care and compensation if you’re injured on the job. They were first created to improve workplace safety and protect worker health.

There are four primary types of workers’ compensation systems established in the US, and each state adopts their own type of coverage for employees. The four systems are: 

  • Employer-Directed
  • Employee Choice
  • Panel State
  • Self-Funded
    Why Choose an Occupation Therapy Provider Man Smiling

    Get Care Right Away

    If you’re injured at work, you need to health care right away.  Your employer may recommend that you see an occupational health provider. This is because occupational health providers specialize in treating work injuries. They know the workers’ compensation system and know how to get you back to work—and life—as quickly and safely as possible. They’ll also act as your liaison between you and any other health care providers you need to see during your recovery.

      Concentra Advantage

      Concentra is the nation’s leading occupational health provider. Our occupational medicine services are tailored to your needs. We operate occupational health clinics across the United States with board certified physicians trained in public health, preventive medicine, toxicology, and medical research. Concentra works with you and your employer to develop an effective treatment program, with a proven success rate for rehabilitation and return-to-work.

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        Workers' Compensation by State

        How workers’ compensation works varies from state to state. Some states don’t require your employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance unless their business is a certain size. Other states require employers to get coverage for even one or two employees. There are also differences in who chooses the primary care giver and rehabilitation system—the employee or the employer.