Partners in care

To support neurologists and patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, Concentra and Novartis have teamed up to provide a network of clinics to administer the First Dose Observation (FDO) services that are required as patients start therapy on Gilenya (fingolimod).

The Gilenya Assessment Network (GAN) offers a comprehensive network of medical clinics with staff trained to provide the clinical services and support you need as you start therapy on Gilenya. We currently have more than 300 GAN sites across the country. In many markets, GAN sites are provided by Concentra medical centers; in some markets, GAN sites are provided by other medical offices that work in collaboration with Concentra and Novartis.

Commitment to service quality

  • Medical facility, with private room and accommodations to ensure patient comfort
  • Reclining chair, television, refrigerator, TV with DVD player
  • No out-of-pocket costs for eligible patients

Costs for GAN services

There are zero out-of-pocket costs for patients with Commercial health insurance or patients who pay for health services with cash. Exceptions for this include Massachusetts and Rhode Island, where state laws prevent manufacturers from sponsoring such services.

In many of our locations across all states, patients with Medicare and TriCare insurance may receive GAN services for only the copay required by their plans. Patients covered by Medicaid are not typically covered by the GAN but a few exceptions do exist.

Please view our GAN Network Locations to see the sites available in your market and specific information on which patients each covers.

What to bring to FDO

  • Comfortable clothing/shoes
  • Cell phone
  • Small pillow and blanket
  • Bottled water or juice
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Laptop computer or tablet
  • Portable DVD player
  • MP3 player and headphones
  • Writing materials
  • Books or magazines
  • Games or puzzles
  • Family member or friend
  • List of the medications you are taking

What to expect as we schedule your FDO

As your Neurologist begins the process of starting you on Gilenya, they initiate a Service Request Form (SRF) through the Gilenya Go patient services hub. The SRF serves as both the prescription for Gilenya and request for the support services available through the GAN.

Once the SRF is received, a Navigator within the Gilenya Go hub will then work closely with you to schedule the services your physician has requested at a time a location that best meets the your needs.

The typical scheduling of appointments may be as follows:

1. Scheduling your baseline assessments

Your Navigator from Gilenya Go will work with you to schedule your baseline assessments at a GAN location and time that best fits your schedule. These assessments will be conducted at least a week prior to your FDO to allow time for the results to get back to the neurologist for review.

2. Scheduling your FDO

Your Navigator will also coordinate the appointment for your FDO. This will be done at least five (5) business days following the baseline testing to allow time for your lab work to get to your physicians for review if they have requested baseline assessments from the GAN.

Your Navigator will provide you the time and location for your appointments and send you a reminder letter prior to each appointment to ensure you have it on your schedule and know where to go.

3. Conducting your FDO

On the day of your FDO, our staff will welcome you in and provide you an overview of how the day will go. The process will then go as follows: 

  • The physician will begin by conducting a review of your medical history and current medications.
  • They will then check your heart rate and blood pressure and perform an EKG.
  • Occasionally, the physician may contact your neurologist prior to starting Gilenya to discuss your lab work or current medications.
  • You will take your first dose Gilenya
  • Throughout the day, the physician and nursing staff will monitor your pulse and blood pressure for a minimum of 6 hours.
  • You will be free to watch TV, surf the net on the iPad, read or whatever makes you most comfortable; To ensure your safety, we request that you not ask to leave the premises.
  • At the conclusion of the observation, the staff will complete a post-evaluation EKG evaluate your heart rate and blood pressure measurements.
  • Occasionally, the site will monitor a patient for a bit longer than six hours.
  • You will be discharged to go home and the GAN staff will provide your paperwork back to your neurologist